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The Watcher is a sexy, pulse-pounding romantic suspense from USA Today bestselling author Bella Jewel!

Seven years ago, Marlie Jacobson was kidnapped by a serial killer—and lived to tell about it. But it was actually her mother who told the story, in a bestselling book that made Marlie famous. Today, she’s known as the girl who slayed a killer. The one who got away. Now, there’s just one thing Marlie wants to get away from: her past. But when her little sister disappears, her worst fears come rushing back—with a vengeance…

Kenai Michelson is a world-renowned investigator. Dark, brooding, and dangerously good-looking, he’s the kind of man Marlie would normally avoid at all costs. But Kenai is her only hope in finding her missing sister. Together, Kenai and Marlie follow a trail of clues that leads them toward the truth—and into each other’s arms. As her trust in Kenai grows, so does their fierce connection. But will their desire turn deadly as they close in on a ruthless enemy who’s watching their every move?

May 30
St. Martin's Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

PreppychickGM ,

Knew how it would end but loved it

I knew pretty early on how the book would end.
But I still really loved this book. The author did a great job.

Annmric8 ,

Kind of a detective story...

The Watcher was kind of a detective story where Marlie was the sole survivor of a serial killer. Her ordeal was shared in italics, through nightmares. The story had some violent scenes and some gory scenes. The Watcher had me analyzing every possible theory along with the characters as they laid out the clues.
After five years, Marlie struggled to put the past behind her. When her sister went missing Marlie decided to use her instincts, hired a renowned investigator, and set out to track her sister.

“You have all the power to re-create your life again”. Excellent quote from The Watcher.

Kenai was a complex guy who revealed very little. With grunts and groans Kenai expressed his dissatisfaction towards others. He was gruff, rude, and abrasive. Kenai's character was so guarded is was hard to get a read on him. Kenai's character was brooding, demanding and temperamental.
Marlie's character suffered a horrific ordeal and chose to relive her nightmare to help find her sister. Marlie was trusting, friendly, and social. She was also brave, strong, and courageous.
I was disappointed with the aspect of entertaining any form of romance considering Marlie was still healing from her ordeal. The romance just didn't fit with the rest of the story. It was an unnecessary distraction. I envisioned a different outcome in the storyline.
I would have played the game differently. The beginning was thrilling and intensely scary but it quickly fizzled. While the concept for this story was impressive the delivery wasn't as exciting.
I'm disappointed with the trackers skills, for a renowned investigator he didn't seem to have the upper hand. His detective abilities were lacking. I expected some clever unveiling. Instead, it was Marlie who was resourceful.
Overall, the story felt rushed. I felt Bella was eager to reach the end to brag about the positive affect Marlie and her sister had on the community.

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