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Sophia gets a dangerous thrill from knowing that she is being watched when she is having sex. When she starts feeling as though she is being constantly spied on and her dreams are invaded by the presence of a mysterious stranger how far will she go to make her fantasy come true?
***WARNING***This 6,500 word story contains ADULT THEMES and GRAPHIC SEXUAL LANGUAGE.
Sophia arched upwards against the man’s strong, muscled chest. She wanted more, needed more! She wanted him, touching her, kissing her, possessing her.
He did. His mouth and hands devoured her body, leaving traces of his passion on her skin while she moaned and writhed beneath his touch. When he reached her nipples and sucked, hard, she cried out in pained pleasure. His mouth continued down, caressing and nipping a path to her hips, where he flared outward, continuing down her thighs. She trembled in anticipation of that moment when his mouth would touch her… there. But he didn’t… instead, he kissed down her legs, to her knees, her shins, her ankles, each… aww… toe, and back up again, and then… his lips fluttered…
She gasped as she tried to lift her hips and press them against his mouth. He refused to allow her to move her legs, instead pressed them down into the earth beneath her. It was maddening. His tongue eased between her thighs, just enough to tease her c**t and cause her agonizing pleasure. One hand reached upward and tweaked a nipple and then…
… she was on her knees, and he was inside of her, her hair gathered in one of his hands. He thrust in and out of her rhythmically and she moved back against him, begging, pleading silently for more. Harder, faster, please.
He ran a hand down her spine as if to calm her, but it had the opposite effect. She shuddered in pleasure and squeezed her inner muscles against him over, and over…
Come inside of me, she thought, please, come inside of me. I want all of you.
Sophia awoke as her body convulsed in the middle of an intense orgasm. She lay on her stomach, face pressed into her pillow, and she reached behind her, searching for the man in her dream. She could feel him there, inside of her as her muscles contracted around him…
Except… there was no one there.
Slowly, she realized that she had been dreaming. And she had orgasmed.
What the… Wow. That had never happened before...

Fiction & Literature
November 28
Mara Stone
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