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This collection contains all three books in psychological horror series, The Watching. Save 33% on the price of the individual books!

The Painting (Book One)

When struggling novelist Donny retreats to a derelict old house, he hopes to find the inspiration to overcome his battle with writer's block.

Reinvigorated by a painting's alluring presence, Donny finally begins to defeat his writer's block. But something is changing in the painting. Something is changing in the house. Something is watching...

As events grow more terrifying and surreal, Donny finds himself not only fighting to write, but fighting for his life and his sanity.

The Disappearing (Book Two)

Fraser Whyte has a new job. But it isn't just any old job -- he's working as a secretary to the Prime Minister.

For the first time in years, after suffering a dark tragedy, Fraser's life appears to be back on track.

But strange things start to happen. A young boy disappears from the face of the planet in bewildering circumstances. As Fraser begins to do some digging, he uncovers a conspiracy that not only has personal repercussions on himself, but potential ripple effects for the entire human race. A terrifying discovery that changes Fraser's life and beliefs forever...

The Reckoning (Book Three)

Shelley is struggling to survive in a new, terrifying existence. Not only is she forced through the rigours of daily manual labour, she is trying to raise a teenage orphan while carrying a number of disturbing secrets. Life isn't easy.

But Shelley has an idea. A plan to escape this dystopian world and start afresh with her new companion. A plan that will push her to her very limits and force her to face her inner-most nightmares...

The Watching is a three book psychological horror/science fiction trilogy. The total amount of words for the box set is 100,000.

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