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Magick for Beginners: The Way of the Solitary Christian Witch is an occult writing that discusses the genuine magical path of a Christian Witch who practices the Craft alone. I share and reveal the magic that I usually do, how I do them, as well as my own personal insights into the practice of magic. 

I was around 13 years old when I happened to chance upon a book on magic in the library. It was something that allowed me to have a glimpse of the magical universe that is all around us, and yet often eludes us. Since then, I have been reading books and all other writings on the craft of magic, also known as the Craft of the Wise. I was always alone and doing all magic by myself — until I came to know Jesus. Now, although I am, in a technical sense, still a solitary witch, I know I am never alone anymore, for I now journey and learn the Craft with Jesus. 

But, wait a second, isn't Jesus against the practice of magic? It should be noted that Jesus never spoke anything against magic. In fact, when Jesus was born, He was visited by three wise men. If you look at the original text, you will find that He was visited by three magi. Now, what is a magi? Magi is the plural of the word magus — and the word magic came from the word magus. Do you see it now? Jesus was visited by three magicians or magical practitioners. 

Magick for Beginners: The Way of the Solitary Christian Witch shares essential knowledge and magical techniques that you can also use. As you learn more about me, you will also learn the Craft of the Wise. This is not just my story, but it can also be your story. After all, we are all connected. Different colors, one rainbow. 

Magick for Beginners: The Way of the Solitary Christian Witch is a testament of my life. This handbook centers on two things: magic and Jesus. It should also be noted that this is not a new approach. Even in the Old Days, there were many Pagans and Witches who practiced the craft of magic and also had an intimate relationship with Jesus. It is not religion, but the relationship that we have with Jesus that matters. 

I hope my humble story and magical sharings will be to you as a source of light, and may you be filled with this divine light. Learn how true witches practice the Craft and stay close to Jesus. 

With light and love, let us begin…

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October 12
Maya Angelika
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