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The mark of a true classic is that it becomes more relevant with the passage of time Twenty years ago, David Deida wrote The Way of the Superior Man share lessons on “how a man can grow spiritually while passionately tussling with the challenges of women, work, and sexual desire,” Today, men of all ages continue to struggle with these universal challenges, and the practical insights found in this book will help each one of us to give the gifts we were born to give.

“It is time to evolve beyond the macho jerk ideal, all spine and no heart,” writes David Deida “It is also time to evolve beyond the sensitive and caring wimp ideal, all heart and no spine ” Including an all-new introduction by the author, The Way of the Superior Man invites a new generation of men to participate in the full expression of consciousness and love in the infinite openness of the present moment.

February 1
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Customer Reviews

Ur a bish ,

If only I would have found this earlier

Perhaps I could have salvaged my relationship and known what was causing it’s inevitable demise. This book has been a great resource of growth for me. I intend to read it many times

Kevin Flot ,


Best book I’ve read

Tj Berry ,


This was a great book took me just a few days to read. I liked the author and his input on everything. The only thing that I’d tell future readers and to the author is a lot /most of this book is aimed towards married couples or girlfriend /boyfriend that are already in long term committed relationships and have some kind of intimacy with each other on a regular / weekly monthly type of basis. One of my biggest problems as a male is maintaining a committed relationship with a female. If you are not in a relationship with a woman you kind of have to own up to the fact that you are a single male with no woman/ or women there to help you in that kind of way sexually loving and feeling for you on a regular or weekly basis. I felt it was more of a book aimed towards people that were already married or deeply committed to one another. From a biblical context it is not good for the man to be alone that is why God created both male and female. So the fact that husbands and wives are talked about in here throughout the book definitely makes sense from a godly perspective. For me personally being a single male it kind of makes it difficult to relate to a lot of it not having that relationship to be able to help guide you however you would like it to. I could relate to a lot as far as finding a sense of purpose in the direction but as far as what a woman is feeling or expecting and bettering that , it just seems this book is more aimed towards the long term boyfriend /girlfriend or married husband and wife than the single guy who is not in a relationship with any woman. Overall I still give this a five out five stars and with my suffering and struggles as a man /human being there was still a lot learned even though much of it is designed for people that are already together.

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