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Irresistible attraction.  Unimaginable danger.  

I knew from the moment Noah Williamson walked into the diner that he was haunted—deeply haunted—but I couldn’t resist the lure of him.  He was gorgeous and fascinating and mysterious, and like a delicate moth to a brilliant blue flame, I was drawn to him.  Drawn to his fire.

But if I’d known about his job, about what happened to his wife, I’d have run the other way.  Before I got caught up in the red-hot blaze of his life.  Before everything in my world got burned to the ground.   

It’s too late to run now.  I hesitated and that was it. I fell. I fell for him before I knew there was danger in loving him.  

Noah once told me that this is the way we burn—together or not at all.  At the time, I didn’t know what that meant.

Now I do.  

The Way We Burn is a love story…with a twist!  Suspense, chemistry, and twists galore, I can’t wait for you to jump in!  But don’t be afraid.  This is a stand alone VERY romantic story with a VERY satisfying ending.  I promise:)  xoxo  M

June 24
M. Leighton Books
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Customer Reviews

Fairest Reviews ,

An unpredictable, well written romantic suspense

The Way We Burn is a unique, mysterious, and insightful story about pain, about loss, and about love. It’s about two kindred souls whose eyes convey the sadness and anguish they both carry and endure, and as a reader, it’s easy to understand why Noah and Poppy are drawn to each other; like attracts like and these two desperately need rescuing and regardless of their respective torment, it seems as if Noah and Poppy can move forward together but only if the nightmares that have found their way into the characters’ reality are handled and conquered, which, when readers get an up close and personal look into Noah and Poppy’s darkness, they’ll be able to see the wounds and scars that have been left by an hellish set of circumstances that seem hellbent on destroying everything these characters love.

Throughout much of the text, the story line is unpredictable, which means that it’s difficult for readers to ascertain exactly how all of Noah and Poppy’s thoughts, spoken words, and actions align, and this is deliberate on M. Leighton’s part because she doesn’t want to reveal how all of the pieces fit together too quickly; she wants her readers to make their own assertions…come to their own conclusions before she unravels everything because that’s what keeps readers invested…it’s what has them being active readers - ones who look for clues and make inferences about content and then see how their assumptions pan out once all information is out in the open.

M. Leighton describes The Way We Burn as a ‘love story with a kicker,’ and let me tell you that ‘kick’ is as unsuspecting as it is exhilarating and it brings both Noah and Poppy full circle, but what that truly means is something that each reader will need to find out on her own because Noah and Poppy’s journey to the end of the book is beyond difficult, beyond traumatic, and beyond anything that readers could probably anticipate, which means that in order to get through the ordeal that drives the ending, readers need to dispense all outside thoughts and focus on what M. Leighton is exploring beyond the anguish in Noah’s eyes and beyond the brokenness that seems to drive both Noah and Poppy.

All I have left to say is hold on tight and enjoy the ride because it’s definitely a complex and layered one and it’s also one that doesn’t follow a clear and uninterrupted path because life’s complications always veer off course.

4.5 Poison Apples

Annmric8 ,

First let go of any preconceived ideas

Michelle begins in the past with quite an opening from eighteen months ago. We are introduced to FBI agent Noah Williamson who relocated to Chicago from Maryland. Noah meets Poppy at a diner. For the next few months Noah finds solace in Poppy’s voice.
I liked Poppy’s character she had a good read on people. She was perceptive. Noah’s character was perceptive as well, but I accounted that for his line of work as a profiler. It’s his job to take notice of his surrounding area and people’s behaviors. As an FBI agent I expected more from him in this book regarding his work ethics, but I felt he had too much free time. Agents tend to have a full schedule and Noah wasn’t the workaholic type.

I was unsure what to expect from this story and these characters with the way Michelle introduced Noah initially. I wasn’t expecting Noah to begin a friendship with Poppy when the situation from eighteen months ago hadn’t been resolved. I wasn’t prepared or ready for Noah to move on.

I couldn’t put aside my preconceived ideas about the direction of this story. Because of that I was unable to enjoy this book to its full potential. Even with the twists and turns I felt the story was slow. However, Once the twists and turns came about I was finally able to let go of those preconceived ideas and enjoy this book. I feel bad that I allowed my ideas to interfere with my enjoyment but it was too slow and I was too confused.
I did like the concept about unconditional love. I liked how the theme was about healing. It was the delivery of this healing that threw me off course.

Evergreenbrdx ,

Couldn’t Out It Down!!!

Oh my gosh Michelle Leighton does it again. I couldn't put this book down. So different from her other books but yet so Michelle! What a beautiful of love and determination. Nothing will stop what you will do for the love of your life.

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