The Way We Fall

A Second-Chance Romance

    • 4.2 • 614 Ratings

Publisher Description

An instant USA Today bestseller! 

Five pages...

A letter holding a secret buried for more than five years...

A secret neither of them wanted to know.

Will the truth tear them apart… again?

I’ve loved my best friend's brother, Houston Cavanaugh, since I was eleven years old. But my friendship with Hallie Cavanaugh meant too much to me to risk taking a chance with Houston.

Until one snowy afternoon, Houston and I find ourselves thrust together by the grief of Hallie’s death. Our passionate and toxic relationship will test the boundaries of our loyalty to each other and to Hallie’s memory, ultimately, leaving us in ruins.

Five years later, Houston and I are forced to work together opening up a new wine bar, and, to my horror, Houston doesn’t recognize me.

I haven’t changed much, but he certainly has.

He’s still as sexy as he was five years ago when he broke my heart, but time, grief, and a loveless marriage have broken him.

The moment Houston recognizes me, all our memories and long-buried passion come rushing to the surface. Can we rewrite our story with a happy ending this time? Or will his secrets be our unraveling again?

February 20
Gloss Publishing LLC
Gloss Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Wolfe86 ,


I thoroughly loved all the characters! Even the background characters stood out. This book made me ache for my lost soulmate. This book made me feel pain for the characters. Made me feel happy for them and sad. Well thought out and I can’t wait to read the next book. I loved how it went back and forth between the present and past. Between Houston and Rory. I like how she has ambitions, but also shows that she is like every one else. A hopeless romantic. I hated that Houston cheated on his wife, but this was very realistic.

Pjvnbv ,

Mysterious but warning needed

Spoilers ahead!

This book should have come with a cheating warning but I guess that would spoil the story. Honestly I had a really hard time liking or even respecting Houston at all. I also could not grasp this all consuming love he and Rory supposedly had. They only dated for 6 months. He was not honest at all and then left her right after she got an abortion. Then 5 years later he runs into her, is married but isn't really into his wife because he's hopelessly still in live with Rory (eye roll). Now he wants her back.

I liked Rory, she went through some heavy stuff and is still a decent, witty person even if she's slightly closed off. She's still in love with Houston but I can not see how. He treated her terribly while they we're dating then just left her without any real excuse. 5 years later he just shows up and expects her to just let it go even though he's married! I was impressed for a while at she spurned all his advance until she doesn't. Things happen and Ben your he says he's leaving his wife, he leaves Rory to deal with he aftermath all alone.

Not many times to do hope that an HEA is not given to the main characters, but here I really hope that Rory pulls her head out and leaves Houston in the past where he belongs.

Here's hoping for a Rory and Liam HEA!

Even though a lot about the characters annoyed me, the mystery kept me on he edge of my seat and it was something I totally didn't see coming. The ending was very vague and I had hopes that it was leading away from Houston but the very last parts lead me to believe I may not get so lucky.

twotailedanova ,

What the...

This book was excellent and very confusing. If you are looking for a sweet story you will NOT find it here. This story is filled with twists and turns, anguish, and turmoil. It’s very well written and addicting but really not what I signed up for when I read the preface. I did not really like any of the characters because they all reminded me of the worsts parts of myself which was why the book was so consuming. The author really takes you on a roller coaster. I’ll need a few weeks before I can read the next one...

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