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This book is comprised of two stories. The White Lion of the Mountains:

Finding his wife and son laying in a pool of blood and the body of his violated and brutally murdered young daughter drove Victor Ramsey on a hate filled search for their killers. Unable to get any help from the Army he struck out on his own looking for the Cheyenne known as Crooked Nose.

A vow over their graves and the images burnt into his brain were enough to keep him on the trail until he was looking down the barrel of his gun at the ones responsible. Killing Indians came easy to him as long as he kept that image and the vow he made fresh in his mind.

It took the responsibility of caring for a young Indian girl, who was wise beyond her years, to get rid of his hatred and turn his life around. Her continual counselling and undying love put his life back on the right track.

But just when he found a life that he never believed he would have again the past that he tried so hard to forget turned up again. The killer showed up again threatening his new family and there was no way he was going to let the man destroy them, so he had to strap his gun on and go hunting again.

The Governor’s Pardon: The Governor’s harebrained plan to pardon some of the most wanted criminals in the Colorado Territory led him to pick Del Avery. Del was a known for the persistence he had in tracking down his father’s killers, so he became the Governor’s number one pick for the job.

Del knew that going into the Brown’s Hole country for any reason was risky, but carrying pardons for the members of the Wild Bunch increased that risk by a hundredfold. He was good with a gun but this was as close to a suicide mission as you could get.

The Brown’s Hole country was split by the Green river which was bordered by steep banks and cliffs making travel for someone who didn’t know the country almost impossible, but Del had an ace in the hole. He would need every advantage he could get in this scheme, but when the Governor asked you do something it was hard to say no.

The Governor sent Billy Cannon with him but he was more trouble than he was worth and having to wet nurse Billy and find Butch Cassidy at the same time almost cost him his life. It wasn’t any of the Wild Bunch who shot him, it was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Her father’s name was on the list but getting him to trust that the pardon offer wasn’t just a ploy to get him out of the Brown’s Hole country where he could be captured was a hard sell.

His promise to keep Terrence Kelso and his daughter Torri safe was taken out of his hands when he was arrested for another crime which broke the pardon agreement. Now he had to save the life of the father of the woman he loved, and a twist in the courtroom battle was what he needed.

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May 29
Robert O' Hanlin
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