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John Henry Jowett wholeheartedly expresses and teaches the word of God in this superb book of guidance.

The book considers each characteristic of God to be a piece of His armour; as such, the earlier chapter titles refer to equipment such as God's shield, breastplate and girdle. By venerating and acquiring these qualities ourselves, we may protect ourselves from the greatest adversities or calamities and rejoice in spiritual closeness to the Lord. 

In the latter half of this work, Jowett maintains his metaphorical allusions to martial prowess. Noting how the ideal soldier's valiance and steadfast outlook in view of the goal is much like that of a good believer, he affirms his belief that God resembles an invisible, yet adept and caring commander of his many followers. The final chapters seek to prepare Christians for the future battles and adversities which will waylay their goodly progress. 

Reading this book, those faithful to God and Jesus Christ may gain comfort in the metaphor of armour. The ability of the Christian follower to clad himself in each piece, becoming a pillar of spiritual strength and adherence thereby, remains a favorite metaphor used in churches and by modern Christian writers to this day. 

Born in Halifax, Great Britain, John Henry Jowett achieved popularity all over the English-speaking world for his poignant sermons. From modest birth he rose to preach the word of God to thousands, writing a series of popular books during the early 20th century which would serve many Christians as his preaching in paper form.

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