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Finally get organized in 2021! Start getting more out of the clothes you already own with The Whole Closet Method! 

Featured in Kelsey Daragh's "Confidently Insecure" podcast!

Learn how to make new outfit ideas from old clothes, get dressed faster, wear more of your clothes, and look at your wardrobe from a brand-new perspective using the creative closet activities in this book. The Whole Closet Method's fresh take on wardrobe building teaches you how to use creative styling techniques and create a closet inventory to curate a wardrobe that fits your life and your unique taste!

This book includes a capsule wardrobe plan, closet decluttering guide, outfit challenges, exclusive Stylebook app tutorial videos, and styling advice. Author and Stylebook closet app co-founder Jess Atkins shares her tips on how to realistically declutter your closet while boosting your creativity and exploring your personal style! It’s also a companion guide to the closet app Stylebook and will walk you through each step to create the perfect closet inventory. It’s ideal for those who want to improve their style and take control of their overflowing closet. Finally feel confident in your personal style and love your wardrobe! 

Here’s what you’ll achieve in this book:

• Spot the hidden gems in your closet and finally know exactly which clothes you currently own

• Discover creative ways to make new outfits with the clothes you already have in your wardrobe

• Learn simple techniques to get more wears out of your clothes without getting bored, helping you to reduce impulse shopping and wear your clothes more

• Use real data from your wardrobe to help you make fewer (but better!) purchases that fit into your wardrobe as a whole

• Feel confident in your personal style and break the trend cycle

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