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A brutally murdered husband. An abused wife who wanted him gone for good…

Did the wealthy widow arrange his death—and can a disgraced detective discover the truth?

"Your husband is dead."

Lorraine Rowe receives the news from an anonymous killer threatening her too—unless she pays an inflated fee for her estranged partner's murder. Overwhelmed by fear and indecision, Lorraine struggles to survive as her carefully constructed life of lies begins to unravel.

Detective Sergeant Fiona 'Fifi' Fielding is fighting for her future after allowing her violent temper to jeopardise her career. Is it karma that dumps a man's badly tortured corpse on her doorstep—or something more sinister? And will the ensuing investigation enable Fiona to redeem herself?

Both women have lived through traumatic events and have much in common, but when the truth-seeker meets the accomplished dissembler, events spiral inexorably towards a deadly climax.

This hard-hitting, twisted thriller weaves deception, misdirection and psychological torment into a page-turning tale of murder and mayhem that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Not for the faint of heart…

'The Widow' is the first standalone novel in a loosely linked series inspired by The Seven Deadly Sins:

Deadly Inspirations – Book one – 'GREED'

A British Police Thriller featuring Detective Sergeant Fiona 'Fifi' Fielding. If you like complex plots, strong female characters, and high-stakes murder mysteries with plenty of suspense, you'll love Will Patching's latest gripping novel.

Order The Widow today to uncover the truth behind a criminal's veil of lies!

Mysteries & Thrillers
August 24
Will Patching
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

CoffeePheand ,

Wow! What a story, everything but the kitchen sink!

I have read each and every book this author has written and I have been impressed from the first! This story grabs you right at the beginning and it keeps you throughout the conflicts, the fear, the anger and pain. From beginning to end it’s a ‘stunner’ in my humble opinion! I’m surprised after hundreds of books read that it took me so long to find this author, and I’ve read all the big names out there! He’s one you don’t want to miss; believe me, his writing is better and faster paced than many !

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