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People believe faeries aren't real. They're wrong. 

Lily Boyd always thought her grandmother was a little eccentric. She never suspected the old rhymes and children's games the old woman taught her when she was a kid were anything but colorful tradition, and when her mother moved the family to Manchester and forbade her from returning to the Scottish Highlands, she just forgot the ancient tales. However, when she returns years later to help her grandmother after she's been injured in an accident, the memories start to trickle back… along with the unexplainable.

Lily's grandmother is gone. Strange creatures, dark and terrible, have invaded her home. Her savior is darker, more terrible than those who would have killed her, and he has his own agenda, his own goals. Troy's her only lead, but can she trust him? Can she learn the rules of his game before losing everything she cares about?

Don't give a faerie your name. Don't give them your thanks. And never, ever give them your trust…

The Complete Faerie Sworn Series

Short story 0.5: Faerie Nights (available via the author's email list, aprox. 15 pages)

Book 1: The Wild Hunt (aprox. 300 pages)

Short story 1.5: Faerie Oaths (available via the author's email list, aprox. 35 pages)

Book 2: The Wild Curse (aprox. 310 pages)

Novella 2.5: Faerie Hearts (aprox. 50 pages)

Book 3: The Wild Herald (aprox. 320 pages)

Fiction & Literature
May 29
Ron C. Nieto
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Arivanah ,


Very entertaining read. It was really steady and kept me intrigued the whole time. Really amused by the gore. What few other fairies books I've read I guess never had such a brutal response to iron. It was refreshing.
Honestly the whole book was, especially compared to the last I did read.
What a cliff hanger though!! Man....

NoMoreGuardians ,


Nothing resolved,ends in midst of a life or death scene even. Female lead certainly starts as TSTL, but does actually wise up a little as the story progresses.

mythreader3 ,

Perfect blend of romantic tension and adventure

I rarely buy a sequel, but this story was artfully told and the ending was satisfying...I just longed for the next adventure. Well worth reading the series!

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