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The Winds of Chance is a Fiction Classic Story Book. With an ostentatious flourish Mr. "Lucky" Broad placed a crisp ten dollar bill in an eager palm outstretched across his folding table. "The gentleman wins and the gambler loses!" Mr. Broad proclaimed to the world. "The eye is quicker than the hand, and the dealer's moans is music to the stranger's ear". With practised touch he rearranged the three worn walnut shells which constituted his stock in trade. Beneath one of them he deftly concealed a pellet about the size of a five grain allopathic pill. It was the erratic behavior of this tiny ball, its mysterious comings and goings, that had summoned Mr. Broad's audience and now held its observant interest. This audience, composed of roughly dressed men, listened attentively to the seductive monologue which accompanied the dealer's deft manipulations, and was greatly entertained thereby. "Three tiny tepees in a row and a little black medicine man inside". The speaker's voice was high pitched and it carried like a "thirtythirty". "You see him walk in, you open the door, and you double your money. Awfully simple! Simpully awful! What? As I live! The gentleman wins ten more ten silver tongued song birds, ten messengers of mirth the price of a hard day's toil. Take it, sir, and may it make a better and a stronger man of you. Times are good and I spend my money free. I made it packin' grub to Linderman, four bits a pound, but easy come, easy go. Now then, who's next? You've seen me work.

Fiction & Literature
January 1
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Public Domain

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