The Wisdom of COVID-19: How to Rejuvenate, Reclaim Hope, and Heal in the New Post-Pandemic World

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What is your COVID-19 story?

Have we been sitting ducks to a spectacular, random, terrible, and escalating global crisis we had no control over, waiting for the “experts” to save us?

Has our only recourse to the pandemic been crisis-care and survival-oriented living?

The Wisdom of COVID-19 offers you a new perspective—one that illuminates the root causes of the pandemic and opens the way for us all to heal—ourselves and planet Earth.

We’ll see how COVID-19 emerged from a global ecological catastrophe and loss of human immune resilience due to chronic disease—factors we can control.
But we need a new narrative.

We must reckon with our trauma.

We must answer the Earth’s call to create a new equilibrium of resilience and successful living even in the face of a virus that would claim us as its niche.

Internationally recognized physician, teacher, and author, Karyn Shanks MD, takes us on an extraordinary journey to regain our most precious resource during one of the greatest challenges of our collective and personal histories: control of our own lives.

Drawing from the sciences of planetary ecology, human immunology, neuroscience, and the new science of Directable Human Potential (epigenetics, neuroplasticity, core Functional Medicine systems biology, and transformational psychology) Dr. Shanks shows us what COVID-19 reveals about our world and ourselves.

How COVID-19 has emerged from the global crisis of ecological catastrophe and loss of human immune resilience due to chronic disease.

And how within this knowledge we find our roadmap. For saving us. For saving our beloved planet Earth. For recreating a resilient and vibrant human community.
She tells us the true story of the untapped potential within our Earth and within each one of us. Potential that’s only accessible if we accept our beautiful Earth’s assignment: to heal.

Where we’re headed in this book:

•Our Beautiful Earth’s Assignment: The Earth’s urgent call to heal.
•Community: Who we are (the web of life).
•Vulnerability: Where we are (diminished biodiversity, emergence of dangerous species, depleted vital resources, immunological catastrophe).
•Resilience: Our call to action (should we choose to accept it) to create personal and collective immune resilience through planetary and self-care.
•Our Reckoning: To heal, we must overcome our trauma and the locked in stories that keep us sick, suffering, and stuck.

In The Wisdom of COVID-19, we’ll move quickly from the deeper story of a global viral pandemic, to the Earth’s assignment put before us, and the action steps we are being asked to take—to rejuvenate, reclaim hope, and heal in the new post pandemic era.

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June 4
Karyn Shanks MD
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