The Wisdom of Insecurity The Wisdom of Insecurity

The Wisdom of Insecurity

A Message for an Age of Anxiety

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An acclaimed philosopher shows us how—in an age of unprecedented anxiety—we can find fulfillment by embracing the present and living more fully in the now. He is "the perfect guide for a course correction in life" (from the Introduction by Deepak Chopra). 

The brain can only assume its proper behavior when consciousness is doing what it is designed for: not writhing and whirling to get out of present experience, but being effortlessly aware of it.

Alan Watts draws on the wisdom of Eastern philosophy and religion in this timeless and classic guide to living a more fulfilling life. His central insight is more relevant now than ever: when we spend all of our time worrying about the future and lamenting the past, we are unable to enjoy the present moment—the only one we are actually able to inhabit.

Watts offers the liberating message that true certitude and security come only from understanding that impermanence and insecurity are the essence of our existence. He highlights the futility of endlessly chasing moving goalposts, whether they consist of financial success, stability, or escape from pain, and shows that it is only by acknowledging what we do not know that we can learn anything truly worth knowing.

In The Wisdom of Insecurity, Watts explains complex concepts in beautifully simple terms, making this the kind of book you can return to again and again for comfort and insight in challenging times.

“Perhaps the foremost interpreter of Eastern disciplines for the contemporary West, Watts had the rare gift of ‘writing beautifully the unwritable.’” —Los Angeles Times

Health, Mind & Body
September 12
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Customer Reviews

DAGorion ,

A LIFE changer!!

I have read this book so many times that I almost have it memorized. I’m at the place where I can say, “Got it!” That doesn’t mean one has to agree with every word—merely that you understand where he’s coming from—what it most likely meant to him. It is a book that I would pass around to others.

Ballsmatty ,

Truly amazing

I don't know where I would be Today without watts... He is truly the best there was... Pick up this book and take your consciousness back to the essence.

JoshuaSilas ,

A Must Read

This book is a tool; a grand piece of wisdom built upon sentence after sentence of the most wholesome truths.

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