The Witch House of Persimmon Point The Witch House of Persimmon Point

The Witch House of Persimmon Point

A Novel

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Publisher Description

“It's rare to find a novel that sends shivers up your spine. The Witch of Persimmon Point not only leaves you spooked, it'll give you chills whenever you see it on your bookshelf.” – Redbook

This house is a whole other ball of wax. I’m sure its feelings are hurt as I write this. It fancies itself a horror house. Home of witches and murderesses. Of death and decay and destruction. And here I am calling it comforting…

When Byrd Whalen returns to her family’s ancestral home to uncover secrets threatening to destroy a legacy she holds dear, she gets more than she bargained for. Over the course of one harrowing weekend, the dark haunted histories of the Amore women reveal themselves, leading Byrd to question everything she's ever believed about herself.

In 1890, Nan, the Amore family matriarch, was sent away to America with little more than a baby and a rocking chair, quickly finding work on the sprawling estate of the wildly eccentric Green family. This new life is one she wanted: loving and free with a family that understands and shares in her magic. But when tragedy strikes, destroying the mansion and the precious lives inside, Nan is left alone and pregnant with Reginald Green’s child. With nothing more than the deed to the property, she builds a house from the rubble and a new, pragmatic life. It would become a haunted life that would lead to other haunted lives. It would become a house both terrible and wonderful. It would become known as “The Witch House.”

An unforgettable family saga in the Gothic tradition, Suzanne Palmieri’s The Witch House of Persimmon Point is her most powerful novel yet.

Fiction & Literature
October 11
St. Martin's Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

User072119 ,

A Quick and Compelling Read

I was provided an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The Witch House of Persimmon Point is a quick and compelling read. This book was unique and pleasant surprise. Suzanne Palmieri's prose was transported me through over 100 years of the Amore women's lives. Through their ups and downs and all of their struggles. I don't want to ruin the ending, but I will say, it was a surprise. A good sort of surprise.

Jasmyn9 ,

Witch House History

An interesting story. It jumps around in time a lot, so be prepared for just a tad bit of whiplash at times. There were a few jumps that really threw me and I had to go track back until I knew when I was again. The story follows a family of special women - witches, for lack of a better word - and the house that holds them.

The story is just as much about the house as it is about the people. A house that was witness to many tragedies and holds on to the women it likes. There are several generations of women, and we learn about their history through diaries and tales told by their ghosts. Most of these stories do not have what most would consider a happy ending, but somehow they are all satisfying.

An interesting and engaging look into the history of an incredibly interesting family. I want to know them better and learn more about what happens next.

celticmaggie ,

The Witch House of Persimmon Point

I have just discovered a new author, Suzanne Palmieri. This is the first book I have read from her. I can't compare books but this one is really different in a strange way. She writes about a dysfunctional family. They take you back in time and here is where the ghosts come in. Spouses die and stay to hang around. She has written in a lot of family members and if you stop reading for awhile you can be confused when you start reading again. I wasn't sure when I started but then her vortex pulled me into the story. Set awhile to read as it is a fairly long book. I would hope you would try reading this story. It does get a lot better as you read on. Give this story a chance. You may need tissues along with putting it down and needing to walk away. Enjoy this book! I have this book for an honest review for NetGalley.

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