The Witch Rescues Her Werewolf The Witch Rescues Her Werewolf

The Witch Rescues Her Werewolf

A Nocturne Falls Universe Story

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    • $2.99

Publisher Description

Lidia Reston’s magic is fading.

She hopes that a move to Nocturne Falls will help her find out why – and maybe get some of it back. But when a sexy werewolf crashes into her life – literally – she realizes that the quiet life she had planned just flew out the window. And she learns that there’s more than one kind of magic.

Harrison Grey has always been clumsy, and has been the star of many jokes since he tripped over his first branch. Now, as the owner of a shop selling interesting keepsakes to the tourists, he can at least go about his day without embarrassing himself. Until he tumbles at the feet of a beautiful new resident.

Her humor, and her acceptance, restore his belief in himself. When he learns of her recent loss, he helps her find the person she can be, with or without magic.

January 24
Sugar Skull Books
Kristen Brunori

Customer Reviews

Lisa Bateman ,

Two broken halves make a perfect whole

After the mixed reviews, I wasn't sure how I would like this book. I was happy to find that it sucked me right in right away. The love was very insta love but them being magical plus having the dream they had the night before they met made it ok with me. I enjoyed both characters. The first meeting was so sweet. Harrison was at his most vulnerable since he face planted from clumsiness right at Lidia's feet. That would have to be so humiliating. We all know how it is to fall, let alone have someone witness it. She did so great at not making him feel weird and helped him. They complemented each other with both being broken and all. Together they made a perfect whole. I hope to read more from this author in the future.

TheDivineMrsZ ,

Filled with plot holes and cliches

Nocturne Falls and its established cast of characters are a joy to visit and this story delivers in that respect. Unfortunately the story between Lidia and Harry is so full of major plot holes and cliches, it felt frustrating to read and I had to force myself to complete the (short) book. I had hoped that at the very least the ending would explain their connection…but, NOPE! Just another plot sinkhole!

math wizard ,

New Beginnings

Excellent story written by Cate Dean. I love the Nocturne Falls stories. This story fits with all the other stories about Nocturne Falls. We have a witch., Lidia, with a past to hopefully overcome and Harry,a werewolf who has the same. Their problems may be different but together their future is bright. Enjoy this story written by two of my favorite authors, Cate Dean and Kristen Painter!

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