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"Brian Ference writes a thrilling creature tale... With lots of action, gore and plot twists that will keep you guessing throughout. Praise for Lupari Werewolf Hunter. Highly recommended!"

- Chris Turner, author of Denibus Ar and many other fantasy, adventure, and science fiction novels.

"If you are a fan of werewolf fiction, this series is a must-read. Ference's writing and ability to spin a powerful tale is top notch." 

- Nickel Crow, author of Master of the Hunt

"The visceral action scenes Ference writes will leave your heart pounding" 

- Toneye Eyenot, author of Blood Moon Big Top and Wolvz: Whispers of War

Sage Holdsworth is a gifted painter with a terrible secret. One thing Sage cannot conceal is her infatuation with the handsome and charismatic Dorian Gray. Sage creates a lifelike painting of Dorian and a small wolf pup, but there is more to the painting than meets the eye.

As Dorian unlocks his inherent darkness, a werewolf is spawned that begins killing in the streets of London. The lycanthrope turns to killing Dorian's enemies, but who is the real monster here?

Sage never imagined her passion would give birth to a vicious monster that could cost her everything.

Can Dorian and Sage save their souls? Or will the beast consume them all?

This is the first book in The Wolf of Dorian Gray series:
      A Werewolf Spawned by the Evil of Man (Book 1)      Purgatoryof the Werewolf (Book 2)      Lupări: Werewolf Hunter (Book 3)

"Rarely does romance and revenge intersect so pleasurably and delicately, forming a dance of passion and purpose that embraces a soul search and a confrontation between choices of salvation and sin." - Midwest Book Review

"A delectable page turner. An excellent debut by Brian Ference. Full of excitement, anticipation, and rich scenery." - Pavan ★★★★★

"It has something for everyone with action, romance, and mystery." - Rachel ★★★★★

"Ference's debut puts a twist on Oscar Wilde's classic The Portrait of Dorian Gray, adding the dimension of a wild beast. The arrangement smoothly parallels the original...Victorian gentleman Dorian remains stunningly handsome after his youthful self is captured by an exceptionally talented artist in an eerily powerful painting. However, Dorian is not alone in this portrait; also depicted is a wolf cub, and after the painting is hidden away, the wolf is the one to change. A element of intense violence is added to this version, and there are some gender swaps, but the plot of a young man led astray into lusty debauchery remains the same. Passions and betrayals abound. Ference lifts some lines from Wilde's text and adds his own gift for description: 'Flowers, bright in sapphire blue and crimson reds, sang out from every corner of the ornately decorated room.'" 
- Publishers Weekly

"There on my desk is the first passionate love-letter which I have ever composed in my life--and it is addressed to a dead girl."

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June 7
Brian S. Ference
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