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Merida Falcon is a world-class beauty, a trophy wife who seems to have it all…except she has no voice.

For nine bitter years, Merida lived to serve her wealthy elderly husband, never leaving his side, always doing his bidding…

On his death, Merida vanishes…and reappears in Virtue Falls with a new name, a new look, and a plot to take revenge on the man who loved her, betrayed her and walked away, leaving her silent, abused and bound to an old man's obsession.

But Merida faces challenges. Her school friend Kateri Kwinault is the newly elected sheriff of Virtue Falls. A chance meeting with her former lover intrigues him and brings him on the hunt for her, and meeting him face to face shakes her convictions. Will she have time to discover the truth about the events that occurred nine years ago? For someone in Virtue Falls is stalking women and slashing them…to death.

Danger closes in. Merida's fears build. There’s no one to turn to…no one she dares to trust. And she has to wonder—who is the killer stalking? Is he trying to silence forever THE WOMAN WHO COULDN'T SCREAM?

September 5
St. Martin's Press

Customer Reviews

Rybecbensmom ,

A great suspense story

I enjoyed this book very much. I will admit I was unable to finish the previous book, Because I'm Watching, (not because it wasn't good but because I personally couldn't get into it) but I didn't let that stop me from reading this book. The Woman Who Couldn't Scream has a great suspense storyline plus more about Kateri's past. I can't wait to read more stories from Virtue Falls.

Marge_Roberts ,

Suspenseful thriller

This continued suspense in Virtue Falls, Washington held my attention throughout the pages. I kept wondering about the background stories of Merida and Benedict and what secrets they held about themselves. And since I didn’t know the answers until near the end of the book, it kept me going at warp speed whenever I was able to read more. It was truly hard to put it down. Besides John Terrance, a truly bad dude from the other books in this series, finding out who the serial murderer is in this book was an even bigger challenge. And I was wrong on who was guilty! I love the sassy humor. The relationship between Sheriff Kateri and Stag is magical. When I finished, I wondered what will happen next in the characters’ lives. Whether there will be more Virtue Falls or not, I am satisfied with how this one ended, but I will still wish for more, as I will always have questions on what may happen next and whose lives will be at stake. There will always be crime in Virtue Falls, and the challenges Kateri has faced in the other books in this series and will face in this one, while having sustained more injuries than you can ever imagine, are admirable. The constant presence of Kateri portrays what a real force is like - I honor, respect, and love her. I highly recommend this book.

Lynn B888 ,


A suspenseful visit back to Virtue Falls, Washington! Old friends are reuniting, while new bonds are being formed in this town that's being suddenly ravaged by crime. A meth-cooking lunatic is on the loose and every time they think they have him cornered, he slips through their hands. As if that isn't enough, women are all of a sudden turning up dead in a horrifying way! The characters are fairly well developed, but there is a lot of them to keep track of, and several back stories being thrown our way as well to try to shift through as we take on this new mystery.

Newly elected Sheriff Kateri Kwinault is finding herself overwhelmed within days of taking office. A manhunt is on, a killer is on the loose, and her own recent injuries and those of a dear friend are holding her mind and body down more than she would like. She has great employees surrounding her, a man or two interested in her and a whole town riding her to solve these crimes.

New arrivals into town up the ante as more mystery starts to swirl and suspicions fly. Will the killer be caught before more bodies start to pile up?

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