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Love and heartbreak, birth and death, joy amid hardship, are all here in the gripping fifth novel about the people of Mulberry Lane during World War Two.

The war is nearly over – or is it?

The women of Mulberry Lane anxiously wait for news. Peggy doesn't know if she'll ever again see Able, the American father of her twins, while a very odd letter from estranged husband, Laurie, threatens to set the cat among the pigeons. Rose can't stop loving Jimmy, while Tom can't stop loving her. Will Gordon ever again be the man he once was? Can he be a proper husband to Maureen, and if he can't, what will become of their marriage? The men, women and children of Mulberry Lane fight on with indomitable spirit, as the endgame of the Second World War enters its most deadly phase.

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August 1
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Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader ,

Final book in The Mulberry Lane series

The Women of Mulberry Lane by Rosie Clarke is the fifth and final novel in The Mulberry Lane series. When I pick up a Mulberry Lane novel, it is like visiting old friends. I am sad that this is the last time I will get to spend time with Peggy, Maureen, Tom, Janet, Shirley and the rest of the residents of Mulberry Lane. The Mulberry Lane series does need to be read in order. I thought The Women of Mulberry Lane was well-written and engaging. I was drawn into the story from the very first page and I stayed up very late to finish it. Peggy Ashley is such a wonderful character with her big heart, friendly smile and ever ready cup of tea. Peggy deserves a happy ending after everything she has been through. She is a strong woman with a positive outlook. Tom Barton is one of my favorites. He has come a long way since the beginning, and he is liked by everyone on Mulberry Lane. There are, of course, those disagreeable characters (i.e.—Rory and Laurie) and I keep hoping that they will get their comeuppance. I like how the people in the lane stick together. They are there to help each other in good times and, most especially, in bad. The Women of Mulberry Lane is an emotional novel and you will need to have a box of tissues nearby. There is love, heartbreak, joy, grief, and anger as the residents of Mulberry Lane struggle to survive the war. Rosie Clarke captures the time period with the way the characters speak, the clothing, the war work women had to do in addition to their other responsibilities, and rationing (food, clothes, petrol). Life is never easy for the residents of the East End, but the struggle was even more intense during the war. You will not want to miss this final installment in The Mulberry Lane series to see how our characters stories play out. The Women of Mulberry Lane has squabbling siblings, booming bombs, wounded soldiers, boundless tea, and forever friends.

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