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You’ve seen the iconic 1939 movie, but do you know about the talking field mice, the Winkies, and the Witch of the North that appear in the original book? L. Frank Baum’s beloved classic - the first title in the Oz series - is more complex and intricate than the movie, but just as colorful and fun. The story features a large cast of enchanting characters and a thrilling heroic quest.

Upon the book’s release in 1900, Baum wrote, “It aspires to be a modernized fairy tale, in which the wonderment and joy are retained and the heart-aches and nightmares are left out.” Mission accomplished. Readers of all ages immediately fell in love with the story, demanding sequels, and Baum obliged, penning more than a dozen installments before his death in 1919.

May 17
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Customer Reviews

Louis1300 ,

Good for a kids book

Fun book, 2 Complaints...

1. This book reuses the word AND, so much. And tells the reader things they already told us. For instance, “and Dorothy, and Toto, and the scarecrow, and The Tin Woodsman, and The Cowardly Lion, etc.

2. There are extremely wacky characters that are there for the sake of more characters. Most of these bazaar characters, only return into the story for 1 page, once more, or never again.

Those are my main complaints. Though a little one is that the end feels extremely time crunched.

Density ,


Love the movie but the book beats it hands down.

Brett Lewis ,


I just got done reading this to my 6 year old son. He had seen the classic movie and was more scared of the sepia toned cyclone scene than of any thing else. In the book he was anxiously scared of the wicked witch of the west that to get past that part I substituted his favorite female cartoon character. So, the Minnie Mouse of the West was born. I never realized how many omissions from the movie were approved. The book has so much mor going for it then the movie it is a must read for any parents with children.

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