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The Word Within the Word III is the third volume of The Word Within the Word series. It is used in grades 8-12 and is appropriate for academically motivated students in grades 6-7. Age range is 11 to 18. It is an excellent program for preparing students for the most difficult vocabulary questions on the SATs and SSATs.

The Word Within the Word program uses etymology, not memorization. Latin and Greek stems are presented as a system of thinking, a way of building, analyzing, spelling, pronouncing, using, and choosing words. In consequence, students will know far more than the list of words encountered in this course—they will be able to figure out the meanings of tens of thousands of words that are not listed but that are expressions of the system. The program is intended as a weekly effort, built on a cumulative basis from Volumes I and II. There are 30 lessons.

Lessons include: a Stem List; Stem Close-Ups and Notes pages that take a closer look at the list of stems and highlight special points or information about them; Verbal Diversions, which include reading comprehension questions, antonyms, and analogies that promote thinking; Ideas pages that expand the brain's contact with the stems through activities of synthesis, divergence, analysis, evaluation, intuition, emotion, and esthetics; a Translation section, in which the students translate passages of complicated words into simple language; Inventions pages that give the students the opportunity to create words just as scientists, writers, and others do; and lesson review tests.

In this edition, the historical essays feature the battle for control of Rome between the assassins of Caesar, Mark Antony, and Octavian and on what the Romans did with the peace that came with the end of the civil wars, particularly on Rome’s development as the greatest manufacturing power the world would see until the nineteenth century.

Additional  Digital Book Features: There is interactivity in every lesson. Lessons are reinforced with the Verbal Diversions widgets and interactive graphics. Each chapter concludes with an interactive test that allows students to self-check their knowledge.

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March 2
Royal Fireworks Publishing
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Grades 8-12

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