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May 5th 2190, a New America celebrates its first centennial. Marking the time when a wandering rogue turned into a Prophet Warrior aligned himself with a despot general to rebuild the war-ravaged country on Five Key Principles for Survival he found hidden away in the pages of The Book of Tomorrows—one of the last books published before the fall of the civilized world. Anonymously written by someone known only as The Author, the onetime highly controversial 21st century novel is not only the root source supporting the strong foundation for rebuilding a better world, but may also be the inadvertent catalyst that led to the destruction of the old one. However, life isn’t as perfect as it appears in the so-called utopian paradise of New America. Michael Angel is meeting Eve Adams for the first time through a government mandated Selected Breeding Program. They genuinely fall in love at a museum while tagging along with a group of schoolchildren taking a computer-guided tour of history, staged with a spectacular showmanship by a computer-animated old man, who looks like a cross between Albert Einstein and The Monopoly Man. The animated man describes everything from the creation of universe, to the formation of the earth, right on up to the evolution of life on the planet with his words vividly replicated in 3-D images. Speaking with a-bravado-of-pride for all the great things we’ve accomplished, his critical rendering of the past turns into a diatribe when recounting the savage nature of man. CHAD blames the human race for practically destroying the planet in our lustful pursuit of wealth and power, along with our species propensity for putting faith in spiritual beliefs and mythical legends, instead of scientific knowledge and logical thought. He explains how it really doesn’t matter if the lessons we learn from history are factual accounts or fabled myths. Then he clearly illustrates a direct lineage to Western Civilization through the legendary tales found in Greek, Roman, English, and eventually American literary sagas. On their way out of the museum, Michael and Eve come across a graffiti-strewn painting with the letters FWF sprayed across it. The familiar tag of the Free Will Forever rebellion has been growing in strength with the recently discovered identity of the Prophet Warrior’s heir giving the rebel group a renewed hope. But then, a revealed hereditary link to the young couple forces them to set out on a fateful journey to save their future tomorrow. The World According to CHAD is a powerful prelude to Forever Tomorrow, Book One of The Book of Tomorrows trilogy. It’s also a hard, uncompromising look at how we tend to view history through rose-colored glasses and with selective memories. Someone once said all history is a lie agreed upon, especially when adding in the human factor. But no matter how twisted the pretzel logic one employs to get the answer they want, the truth will still always be true and out there for anyone to find. The history lesson contained in The World According to CHAD, along with the New Constitution for a New America, are profoundly important written words that may very well anger some people still caught in their Matrix world of self-delusion, but for those open minded individuals who aren’t ashamed of what they don’t know, and only what they refuse to learn, will feel these words should stand the test of time alongside other substantially renowned literary works

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 28
Alexander Ulysses Thor
Smashwords, Inc.

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