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If you have items which you no longer use, need or like; clothes that aren’t just right or which your children have outgrown; toys that your children or spouse no longer play with; things that are taking up needed space or have been replaced with new items or that don’t fit into your new home, then you should have a garage sale. You can get rid of these unwanted and unneeded items, and make money that can be used for newer purchases, building up an "emergency" cash reserve for your family, saving for your children's college fund, paying off bills, or whatever you desire. Or perhaps you have been left with an estate to liquidate. Whether you need to have a one time sale or are looking for a part time or full time job, this book will give you the essential dos and don’ts which will help you maximize your profits and minimize your efforts. Do you feel horrified at the rising prices of retail items when shopping? Do you feel like a sucker paying retail? Do you wish there was a better way to buy things? A way that will help stretch every dollar you earn so that there is a little cash left over at the end of the month for investing, saving for that college fund, or just for having fun? There are many perfectly good items that can be purchased at a fraction of their retail cost at garage sales if you get organized and know how to go about finding them. It has been said that the best investment is a good deal. Shopping garage and estate sales is a good investment of your time and money if it is done right and efficiently. This book will give you tried and true strategies and professional know-how to do just that.

April 5
Loren A. Wright
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