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A sexy stand alone office romance from USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde…

I’ve always had one rule:

Don’t mix business and pleasure.

But then Landon Wright comes home to his family’s construction company with a broken back and a beaten heart and ends up as my new sexy boss. As the office gets heated, I’m thinking about throwing the rulebook out the window.

If only there weren’t a million reasons this could never work.

We may have shared a single perfect kiss, but I can’t let our intense connection cloud my judgment. Not with everything I’ve worked for on the line.

Dating your boss is so very, very wrong…even if he feels so Wright.

May 16
K.A. Linde Inc.
Kyla Linde

Customer Reviews

Oneuhaf2c ,

The Wright Boss

Sexy, witty, entertaining. I have found a new author to follow! On to the next Wright brother!

DannyV816 ,

All for it!

I absolutely love K.A. Lindle's style of writing. The way the stories are put together and how each stand alone flows into the others seamlessly and allowing glimpses of the previous characters future. I can honestly say I wont be surprised if I purchase and devour all her books before summer ends.

After the first book I was pretty excited to read about Landon and what the hell he was thinking about when it came to his crazy wife Miranda and let me say I was not disappointing when it came to them two. I think everything played out perfectly, enough drama in the book with her to keep it interesting without dragging it out where it was too much.
However, the star of the book was definitely Heidi. She was smart, strong, and a really great friend. I love Emery and Heidi's dynamic so to be able to see more of them being silly together was such a treat. I love their movie nights and girls nights. It would have been cool to see more of Julia in this book since I feel like she was a little more present in the first one more outside of work.
I am most happy for Landon. He got his happy ever after after all the BS he went through in his marriage. After reading this book I think I am most excited to read Morgans story as she is the only Wright sister who isn't married and strong and fierce as hell! BUTTT I will not skip over Austins story. I feel for him and I want to know why he is how he is.

AmyVoxLibris ,

Landon has the Wright Stuff

Landon Wright is on a bad run. A professional golfer unable to play due to a back injury, he finds himself working in the family construction business. But the injured back is only one reason why Landon fled his home base of Tampa for his hometown of Lubbock. Landon also fled his wife, the vituperative Miranda, a woman liked by no one, certainly not anyone in his family.

There might be another reason why Landon is back in town, and that reason might be sitting in a cubicle outside of his new office: Heidi, the best friend of Landon’s ex-girlfriend Emery, who is now dating Landon’s older brother Jensen. Landon shared a passionate kiss with her over New Year’s, but his marriage kind of got in the way of anything really developing between the two.

Landon is back now, though, and intent on a divorce. That he is also Heidi’s boss presents no small problem, thanks to a corporate policy forbidding romantic fraternization. Can you stop passion once the fuse has been lighted? And what happens if you can’t?

K. A. Linde ramps up the tension, making you wonder how Landon and Heidi will overcome the obstacles they face in order to be together. Because you know they will be together. One thing Linde does exceptionally well is show you how strongly Landon and Heidi connect, and I don’t mean only with their naughty bits. She shows how deeply Landon cares for Heidi, whose heartache over a family situation causes her tremendous burdens. The only way he can reveal this is through the sexy times the two share. Let’s just say that Landon Wright is a GIVER, grls. So allow me to suggest that you strap on those vibrators because K. A. Linde delivers some killer quiver. Landon does have back troubles, but he’s able to work around them most deliciously.

Linde also continues developing the relationship between Austin, the third Wright brother, and Julia, the head of human resources for Wright Construction. But the focus here is on Heidi and Landon. To be together, they have to problem solve several issues, not the least of which is his role as her boss. If the resolution feels a little convenient, you can forgive Linde for wanting to give her couple the happy ending they deserve.

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