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Struggling to keep your story straight? Discover an all-in-one workbook to put your plot on the right path.

Are you bogged down by planning your novel? Is keeping track of your story details a major pain? Wish you could boost both your organization and your word count? New York Times Best-selling author L.R. Ryan has perfected the art of storytelling. And now she's here to share her time-saving approach to help you make sure your first spark of inspiration becomes a happily completed book.

The Writer's Plotting Workbook is your all-in-one resource for exploring the essential elements of your fictional universe. Packed with worksheets and handy examples for outlining characters, locations, and scenes, Ryan's resource takes the hassle out of drafting your next book. Perfect for any genre or experience level, you'll boost your productivity and put yourself in prime position to hit all your publishing deadlines.

In The Writer's Plotting Workbook, you'll discover:

Character arc sheets for creating protagonists and supporting casts readers will devour
Storyboarding cards to organize plot points for a well-paced and seamless narrative
Location sketch pages to visualize settings and block out movement for cinematic sequences
Calendars to chart your narrative by week, month, and year to ensure consistent timelines
Real-world examples to inspire you on your writing journey, and much, much more!

The Writer's Plotting Workbook is your guide for a solid fiction foundation. If you like expert advice, simple instructions, and exploring stories from the big-picture to the small-details, then you'll love L.R. Ryan's must-have author resource.

Buy The Writer's Plotting Workbook to master your story construction today!  

*** The ebook version of this workbook is best viewed on a tablet or computer. Mobile devices will work, but you will need to expand the worksheets to see them well. 

November 4
Lori Ryan
Brighton Parker Rose, LLC

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