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A tender, sexy 'second chances' story of family relationships and long-time unrequited love.
Attraction explodes between Fiona and Christian when they met on the day he marries Jan, her beloved sister. The only way Fiona can cope is by hiding on the far side of the world. The only way Christian can cope is by leaving on business whenever she visits her family back home in New Zealand.
After five long, frustrating years Fiona is forced to take on the heart-wrenching six-week assignment of caring for newly widowed Christian and his tiny daughter. Their mutual love and respect for Jan holds them apart. Will their lost love ever be given a second chance?
Billionaire Christian would rather spend time with anyone except the tempting woman who reminds him so much of his cherished wife. But Fiona has leave from her cruise-liner job and seems determined to do her family duty. Passion and temptation simmer between them as they get to know each other again. This sensual feel-good romance novel is heart-warming, steamy and bittersweet. How can craving the wrong sister feel so right?

WARNING: Contains one hot man who always knows how to get what he wants.

THE WRONG SISTER is part of The Wellington Series.
If this is the first time you have read a Wellington story, you can easily read each book as a standalone. If you would like to know when my next book is published, please go to my website krispearson.com and sign up for my newsletter. Thank you for your wonderful support!

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December 21
Kris Pearson
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Customer Reviews

Ruth Ann Nordin ,

The Wrong Sister by Kris Pearson.

I enjoyed this book. You more than likely will also. I would have given it five stars, but I only give those to books I find impossible to put down. Read if for yourself - you just might stay up all night to finish it!

jericho's girl ,

Kinda icky!

I guess I expected the story to unfold differently -- a lot more sweet and a lot less sleaze. So basically, Fiona lusted over her sister's husband right from the get-go, which just happened to be her sister's wedding to him. And then sister died but not Fiona's sleazy feelings for bro-in-law (and his for her). I kept hoping for the feel-good moment but it never came. An HEA that left a bad taste in my heart.

LovesLoveStories ,


Just okay

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