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As Jack the Ripper’s reign of terror in London comes to an end, a new era of depravity sets the stage for the first gripping mystery featuring the detectives of Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad.

“If Charles Dickens isn’t somewhere clapping his hands for this one, Wilkie Collins surely is.”—The New York Times Book Review

Victorian London—a violent cesspool of squalid sin. The twelve detectives of Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad are expected to solve the thousands of crimes committed in the city each month. Formed after the Metropolitan Police’s spectacular failure in capturing Jack the Ripper, they suffer the brunt of public contempt. But no one can anticipate the brutal murder of one of their own...  

A Scotland Yard Inspector has been found stuffed in a black steamer trunk at Euston Square Station, his eyes and mouth sewn shut. When Walter Day, the squad’s new hire, is assigned to the case, he finds a strange ally in Dr. Bernard Kingsley, the Yard’s first forensic pathologist. Their grim conclusion: this was not just a random, bizarre murder but in all probability, the first of twelve.

The squad itself it being targeted and the devious killer shows no signs of stopping. But Inspector Day has one more surprise, something even more shocking than the crimes: the murderer’s motive.

Mysteries & Thrillers
May 29
Penguin Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

WHoskins ,

A great read..

This is the first of Mr Grecian’s novels which I’ve had the liberty to read and I was impressed. I can’t wait to continue this series and be intrigued yet again.

Tmac776 ,

The Yard

Uplifting story about London detectives solving horrific crimes for Scotland Yard. The characters are well developed, for the most part, and the plot is gripping, it kept me interested throughout. The ending is a little trite and neat, but you'll cheer for these guys thwarting evil. A good read, overall.

Spencemeister ,

The Yard is a decent yarn.

While occasionally contrived this is an engaging mystery with decent characters and a mostly inventive plot. The plot runs out if steam in the final act and the ending feels too pat. However, the primary characters of Day, Kingsley, and Hammersmith made for an entertaining read. Some good historical tidbits, some great dialogue, some moments of intense horror, a little humor, and well-crafted suspense.

My only real caveat is in the premise of the book. The Yard takes place a year after the unsolved Jack the Ripper murders, which has shaken all of London and Scotland Yard in particular; unfortunately this setting tends to diminish the evil doings of the cop-killer at the heart of this story. The deeds of the real-life Ripper are far more horrifying than the fictional crimes displayed in this book. The Ripper murders cast a long shadow.

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