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Join a vintage Yellow Cab for a highly original and engaging tour of your Solar System! The Yellow Cab Of The Universe (YCU) is one of the first digital books to fully leverage the power of iBooks Author to push the boundaries of what a digital book can be. You’ll see right away that YCU was designed for the iPad right from the start:

Pick up your iPad and use its built-in gyroscope to look around the Martian landscape as if you were looking out from the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity. Zoom in to see parts of the landscape more clearly, and tilt your iPad up and down as if you were controlling Opportunity’s cameras.

Thrill to the dramatic animated chronicle of the recent Curiosity rover landing on Mars, nicknamed "Seven Minutes of Terror", or blast off from Earth to visit the Hubble Telescope.

Memorably experience the eight major steps involved in the formation of our Solar System that took place over the first ten million years, compressed into under a minute--and then see if you can make your own Solar System by recreating the steps in the right order in an inventive widget.

Understanding the Solar System we live in is both fundamental and fascinating! The best way to see what we are talking about is to download the book or book sample to experience for yourself!

October 23
Galvani Creative Co. Ltd.
Galvani Creative Co, Ltd.

Customer Reviews

Aslives ,

The future of learning has arrived...

The Yellow Cab of The Universe (YCU) is so far beyond what you can image a book to be. To say that the author "pushed the boundries" is an understatement. YCU offers the perfect blend of science and art creating an amazing journey into the night sky. The depth of knowledge and passion of the author shines through in every aspect of this beautifully created tour of our universe. YCU sets a new standard not just for iBooks, but for all digital learning content and gives us hope that the wonder of science can truly be learned and enjoyed in an entirely new and engaging way. Treat yourself to an amazing gift and share it with anyone who has an interest in astronomy - or not - they will be a convert soon enough. You won't be disappointed!

Japan-o-phile ,

Transformative, refreshing, beautiful!!

The timing of this book could not be better. My 5-year old has shown initial interest in the solar system and I've been looking for dynamic experiences for her to really engage with and understand what it is and how it works. I came across this book and got it for her and I must say that from the outset she's shown more excitement for this application than anything else she's used on my iPad. The combination of depth of information and interactivity with beautiful presentation is perfect for her inquiring mind. There is enough for her to engage meaningfully even at a young age. But it is also clear that it will remain interesting and useful to her for a long time. Tremendous!

This iBook has my very strong recommendation.

Patrick Newell ,

Taking iBooks 3 levels further

This book is beyond any other book I have seen online. It has the potential to revolutionize how we learn from a book. What a difference this would make when learning a particular topic. 21st Century learning resource for our 21st Century learners. Well Done… Hats off to you. Looking forward to your next book and beyond.

Good things,

Patrick Newell

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