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The First three books in The Young Royals Series!

A Royal Engagement - 

Despite being the second child of the king and queen of Merveille, Alyssabeth thought that if she kept a low profile she could stay out of the media’s glaring spotlight and live a relatively normal life.  That was until her father, the king, and her brother, the crown prince, were both killed in a hunting accident.

Her dream of joining the UN was no more and instead she needed to return to the small European country of her birth to pick up where her father and brother left off.  Her Harvard degree in international relations was forfeit and in its place she must become queen, if the misogynistic Parliament can see past their prejudices.

Not much had changed in the small country in her four year absence, but there were two noticeable differences.  Her brother’s two best friends, Will Darkly and Jordan Wicks, had grown up into two very intriguing men.  Jordan practically swept her off her feet from the moment she stepped off the plane but Will’s more reserved, darkly intense interest in her gave her tingles.

Alyssa wasn’t sure she was cut out to be queen, but she knew that she wanted to do her father and brother proud.  She was willing to give it her best shot, even if it meant going toe-to-toe with Parliament.  And then there was the small matter of her needing to be married in order to fulfil her birthright and take her place as the head of state.

A Royal Entanglement - 

On the day of the new queen’s coronation, a man from Lady Alexandra’s past turns up unannounced in Merveille.  Lord Frédéric intercepts him and discovers that Alex had left this man at the altar six months prior and now he had arrived to claim her.

Alex hasn’t told anyone the real reason she left everything she had worked so hard for in the States to move to Merveille and take up the position of Queen Alyssa’s personal assistant.  But now the main reason for her flight from the US has turned up on the palace’s doorstep and she is backed into a corner.  The only person that she can think of to help her is Freddie, but she worried that getting too close to him might just do more harm than good.

The last thing Freddie wants is to get entangled with a woman.  He liked to keep his options open, but now that he has returned to Merveille for good, his mother is trying her damnedest to get him married off and producing the next Bingham heir.  When Alex asks for his help, he is only too eager to help her and maybe get his mother off his back in the process.  He never expected to fall for her.

A Royal Entrapment - 

The queen is getting married and Priscilla is required to work alongside the Lord Chancellor, Dominique, to ensure that the whole affair goes off without a hitch and that they don’t, unwittingly, start World War III.  The only problem is that Priscilla finds Dominique insufferable and Dom isn’t all that enamoured with Priscilla either.

When Priscilla’s sister, Bianca, falls for Dominique’s brother, Louis, the two young lovers hatch a plot to ensure that they can spend time together, but it means that Dom has to pretend to be interested in Priscilla and get her to date him.

The more time they spend together, the more Dom and Priscilla start to like each other, except that now Dom is caught in a difficult spot…should he tell Priscilla that he only asked her out because his brother wanted to date her sister, or should he keep quiet and hope she doesn’t find out?

This is a Sweet Romance - These are romantic tales without the bedroom scenes and the swearing, but that doesn’t mean they’re boring!

July 3
Emma Lea
Emma Lea

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