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Can two men find happiness in a country that doesn’t accept their love? 

When Jack Calloway is transferred to his firm’s South Korean branch on Jeju Island, he’s assigned a valet, the beautiful but shy Song Woo-bin. He stirs feelings Jack has rarely experienced for another man, but everything seems to be against them—Jack is older and Song Woo-bin’s supervisor. He is just beginning to understand the new culture surrounding him even as he accepts his own desires for the first time, and Song Woo-bin is closeted, inexperienced, and estranged from his family. Their path to each other is full of obstacles and societal disapproval. Will the two men eventually come together amid the clash and complement of Eastern and Western culture… and find a home among the yuchae blossoms?

World of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the globe.

April 5
Dreamspinner Press
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hubbabbubbahhz ,

A choice in determining a destiny …

Asher Quinn … authors an unusual intricate romance story in this intelligent unique scenario … telling a story about a mature protagonist’s discovery, recognition of his emotional re-awakening of a latent sexual passion for a younger beautiful male employee; an admission and an acceptance for who he desires and wants in his destiny … !!! “I can love you, if you will let me…”

Jack Calloway, after arriving in his new location-job-supervisory position in South Korea, recognizing his latent interest in developing an emotional disturbing desire for, impulsively dismisses his South Korean-American company’s assigned young intelligent and handsome valet and driver Song Woo-Bin. Jack Calloway, expecting this bright young man will be relocated within his company’s local staff-reassignment-employment, instead, Song Woo-Bin is dismissed. Whereupon, Song Woo-Bin returns to his home, ending up in an ER hospital ward after a horrible beating by his older jealous drug addled brother, needing Song Woo-Bin’s cash-savings to support his drugs-needs.

Asher Quinn’s preliminary basis for his love story is developed into a very interesting conclusion, with unpredictable twists, road blocks, resolutions and consequences !!! Simply said, “I can love you, if you let me…”. … Quinn is an excellent wordsmith …

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