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When Abigail Carr returns to Bridgewater after long years away at Finishing School, Gabe and Tucker Landry will not be dissuaded from the only woman who’s held their attentions—and affections—for years. They’re done waiting. When Abigail claims she must return to Butte, and to her fiancé, Gabe and Tucker refuse to give up so easily. Since she doesn’t have a wedding band on her finger, nor love in her heart, they consider Abigail free for the taking. And seduce her they do…right home to Bridgewater, where they not only marry her, but claim her body in the most sensual experience of Abigail’s life.

But Abigail knows that a future as a wife and mother is not possible, not for her. She only came home to save a friend’s life, and she dare not stay. If she doesn’t return to Butte in the next three days, her best friend will die. And no matter how much Abigail wishes she could stay, and be the wife Gabe and Tucker deserve, she must save her friend. The cruel criminal who threatens her friend will not hesitate to kill anyone important to Abigail, including her new husbands.

Abigail will make a hard choice, and save them all…no matter the cost to herself or her heart.

December 1
Bridger Media
Bridger Media

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Cheryl SDS ,

I love EVERY book in this series!!!

This is the Bridgewater Ménage series book 8 and it's about Tucker and Gabe Landry and Abigail Carr. This is a case of each knowing what they want but never telling the other until it was almost too late. She'll do whatever it takes to save her friend, even at the expense of the relationship with the two men she's wanted forever. Even though she's self-conscious of her scar she's a very strong woman. She'll need to be in order to handle the extremely sexy Landry brothers. In the end, I don't think she'll be telling any more lies.

Fantastic read! I can't wait to see what's next in this fabulous series.

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