Their Fairy Princess

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Have you ever felt … incomplete? As though happily ever after is a fleeting, unattainable concept? 

Not that I haven’t had memorable experiences because I have. Plenty of them. It’s more like what’s necessary to check off all the boxes for a successful HEA hasn’t been defined yet. At least not for me. 

To say my desires—not to mention my expectations—are complicated would be putting it mildly. It’s bad enough I’m in love with my best friend despite the fact we can’t give each other what we both need: a Dominant who can tame our inner submissives.

Then the unexpected happens. 

Secrets are revealed, danger unfolds, decisions are made. And it’s during the ensuing roller coaster ride that five peoples’ lives are forever changed. Including mine.

Fiction & Literature
January 14
Nicole Edwards Limited
SL Independent Publishing

Customer Reviews

KindleKat64 ,

The Princess and her Princes!

This is another incredible story in this apply named series and let me just say it is very entertaining!! I have found so many of the relationships in this series so intriguing thus far, and Isaac, Ian & Everly's certainly keep that going to the extreme. I love these characters wholeheartedly and couldn't get enough of them and Dante too. I really enjoyed the dynamics of these relationships. This book is chock full of sexual escapades that are so steaming hot that it is definitely not for the faint of heart and everything you hope for in this series.
And Nicole Edwards sure can write! As always, the sexy times are blended with feeling, emotion, drama and complexity and it is all wonderfully thought out and written.
It was utterly impossible not to fall in love with all of these characters. The twin Doms, Isaac and Ian are just so much EVERYTHING and I was totally unable to resist them, and when they decide they want Everly as their sub, they hold nothing back. Everly may look sweet but she has quite the sassy side and I love it! Dante is such an amazing character. He has such a horrific back story and is so damaged by it but through these relationships that are forged here, he is able to begin to heal.
This fairy princess hits the jackpot with multiple prince charmings that are sometimes anything but charming, but in a good way ; )

Wookiee 45 ,

Holy ménage

3.5 stars for - Their Fairy Princess - book seven in the Office Intrigue series by Nicole Edwards. This is a complete standalone but the series is fantastic and I highly recommend checking it out from the beginning. This book is a MMFM romance with elements of BDSM. All combinations of sex are described in this book MF / MM / FF and of course ménage so reader discretion is advised.
Identical twins - Issac and Ian - have brought the submissive woman - Everly - that they’ve enjoyed on numerous occasions into their home with her two closest friends - Dante and Heaven - in order to protect them from harm. The last thing the twins expect is to form feelings for more than just Everly. Sex is one thing but an emotional connection is a whole different level than either of the brothers are prepared for.
This story had a lot going on between the many different relationships and interactions taking place. While there were ménage couplings it was also each individual relationship too which at times was tedious to keep up with. I never thought I would say it but there was almost too much sex in this book and it got a bit boring at times for me. While I love this series and will read anything Edwards writes this one just wasn’t my cup of tea.


I Wanted More!!

My rating is 3.5 for Their Fairy Princess, the 7th Installment of the Office Intrigue series. This is so hard for me, because I absolutely love Nicole Edwards' books, but this one was difficult for me to get through, and not because I am a prude either. It took me a while to get into the story overall. The book focuses five people, Ian, Issac, Dante, Everly, and Heaven, trying to find their happily ever after with a set of beliefs, which they believe have been written in stone, but an attack on one of them throws all of the plans up in the air and new plans must be written and new choices made, ones that they never thought they would have to make. It is from that attack that the story unfolds and takes many different twists and turns that you will want to get to the bottom of. So, despite the story taking me a longer time to get into I was extremely intrigued and sucked in by the substory of Dante, Everly and Heaven's roommate, which is the story that I believe carried the book. His story was one that broke my heart, and made me truly emotional. His story was heartfelt and moving.

The main heroes of Their Fairy Princess are identical twins, Ian and Isaac, who desire to have 2 separate submissives, but now there is a problem, or rather an alternative that needs to be thought about, since Everly, a submissive, has come into their lives, and with Everly comes Heaven, who is not a submissive, and Dante, who is a submissive. Honestly, I had a very hard time relating and connecting to the Ian and Isaac. Isaac came across to me as an individual with blinders on, which lead to me feeling like he was a very selfish individual. Where as, Ian appeared to be a person who was willing to question others and draw out all of their deep dark secrets, but refused to share his own with all those he loved. And I also had a really hard time with the way Heaven was treated throughout the book, even though everything was supposed to be consensual. I'm not sure but it came across as though she was being used and I didn't really enjoy that part of the story. I also think for me there were just too many people to follow, so I didn't really feel like I truly got to know all of the characters as in detail as I would have liked, and definitely not as well as I got to know Dante and his story. There is definitely more to Ian and Isaac's story, as well as Everly's and Heaven's stories, and I would have liked to have gotten to know theirs.

Overall, Their Fairy Princess is a well written story and unfolds in true Nicole Edwards fashion with some very steamy sexy scenes, and of course there are cameos of some of our favorite characters from the other installments in the series, and despite Their Fairy Princess being more of a difficult read for me, I am looking forward to reading the next installment, which I hope focuses on Ransom, because the glimpses that I have gotten of him in the other stories and now this one only makes me want his story even more.

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