Their Innocence, My Hustle, Our Growth

A Modern Faitherella Story

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Publisher Description

We were once innocent, but the serpent took that away. We took advice that should have been ignored but found ourselves leaning on our own understanding instead of God's Word. It all began with two individuals who seemingly had it all. They were living the dream that no one will ever see until God calls us home. What makes us disobey when we are given so much? The hustle began in trying to fight against forces I was no match for on my own. I did not know that my struggle began before I was born. I thought I could do life on my own until some evil personality flaws showed up more and more. They derailed me, tormented me, and made me a slave to fulfill their every want and need. My hustle was a setup that turned into a setback. I would make a milestone in one area only to lose footing in another. The hustle to my prize came with way too many sleepless nights and countless fights. I had a generational curse that began before time existed. How did I counteract the forces of evil that had been so ingrained in our DNA? Is there a secret code or handshake that would open up the secret to not fall for the same lie over and over again? Then through trial and error, growth happened. I did not just grow; I found out how we all have grown. But it took some time to get there. It took faith to get there. It took life lessons to get there. It took God to discover what we already had inside of us. It took God to discover the truth that was inside of me. Let's take a journey in discovering their innocence, my hustle, and our growth.

Religion & Spirituality
March 11
Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Ingram DV LLC