Their Ruthless Sadist Their Ruthless Sadist
Book 5 - Office Intrigue

Their Ruthless Sadist

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By definition, a Sadist is one who receives sexual gratification  from causing pain and degradation to another. 

That’s me to a T. 

I only play with those who understand what it means, those who are willing to indulge my devious desires.

Any masochist who seeks me out knows that if they trespass, I will gladly shatter them and walk away, leaving them for someone else to put back together.

Yet the cowboy and the pretty boy have given themselves to me. They have agreed to play by my rules and there is only one: THERE ARE NO RULES.

I have warned them. I’m not looking for companionship or love. I don’t want to be their friend, their confidant, or their lover. I’m in it for pleasure only. In the form of pain.

I am ruthless.

I am a Sadist.

And I make no excuses for it.

September 4
Nicole Edwards Limited
SL Independent Publishing

Customer Reviews

Wookiee 45 ,

Heavy on the BDSM

4 stars for - Their Ruthless Sadist - book five in the Office Intrigue series by Nicole Edwards. This story can be read as a complete stand-alone but all three of the main characters were previously introduced in book four of the series - Their Famous Dominant - and that too was a highly enjoyable read. This is Edward's first MMM ménage and she knocked it out of the park, exploring both the triad and individually relationships beautifully. I've said it once and I will say it again, no one writes ménage better than Nicole Edwards!
Zeke Lautner is a sadist and by definition he enjoys delivering pain and humiliation to a willing submissive. He is an extremely large man with an overwhelming presence and has never met a sub that he couldn't break. Many subs have assumed they wanted his brand of pain and punishment only to run away crying in the end, until he meets the cowboy and the pretty boy.
Case (the pretty boy) is a very well built fitness trainer that stands over six feet tall. He screams dominant male in every aspect of his life yet he can't help but want to submit to Zeke. Brax (the cowboy) is a personal chef to a movie star and is no slouch in the looks department either. Being well defined and just over six feet tall he too tends to turn heads whenever they go out to the club. Brax also yearns to please and while pain isn't his goal his need for domination seeps out in all he does. These two submissives have finally found someone that can meet all their needs but he only wants temporary. Case and Brax hope they can prevent their hearts from falling as fast as their resolve does whenever they are around the big, surly man.
This book was really heavy into the BDSM (as was warned) and showcased the many tools and devices that the dominants/sadists use on there subs. I was actually googling some of these items just to have a better visual of what exactly these guys were in for when Zeke was feeling extra wicked. The love story while there was intertwined with the pain that Zeke doles out and was steamy and so hot too. I am hoping we get Edge's story next because with a name like that you know it's got to be good!

Powerof3GTNC ,

Nicole Never Disappoints!

Great stories that draw you in and hang on! Not for prudes or the unadventurous, so be advised. Wonderful visual, romantic and fascinating stories. On another note, her proofreaders, editors, etc., always do an amazing job—no typos, grammar bungles, so makes for easier reading! Enjoy

Sandra Two Book Pushers ,

One of the hottest books I have ever read!

Their Ruthless Sadist is the fifth book in the Office Intrigue series. It can be read as standalone. I actually didn’t read the first three books the series but I did meet Zeke, Brax, and Case in Their Famous Dominant. As soon as Zeke met Brax and Case as a couple I knew their was going to be a story. But holy f-.

Zeke is a Sadist. One who gave pleasure in the form of pain. He didn’t commit. He didn’t even deal with the aftercare. He didn’t care about his f- toys’ pasts. He broke them. He humiliated them. Then he walked away. Their wasn’t a masochist who could truly handle him. The beast inside. The Ruthless Sadist. Maybe there wasn’t one but maybe there was two...

Brax and Case have been a loving couple for two years. They are both masochists but they somehow make it work. Both being members of the club has its perks. They have their kinks. Ones the other couldn’t satisfy but they always went home together. Talk. F-. Cuddle. What they haven’t found at the club is a Sadist who could bring them to subspace. That is until one night Zeke brought Case there.

The Sadist. The Cowboy. The Pretty Boy. These three make a contract. Brax and Case are looking for pleasure. Zeke wants to give it to them in the form of pain. The ultimate pain. He wants to break them. He sees the love they have for each other. He doesn’t want that. He wants their submission. Until he is done with them. He is in control. Always. Can they handle the big bad wolf? Will his f- boys’ relationship survive?

I was warned this story was not going to be easy. That warning made me want it even more. I do crave dark reads after-all. It was everything I expected and more. It is seriously one of the hottest f- books I have ever read. I needed a nap after I finished since these men wore me out. In the best ways. was sexy, intriguing, and ruthless. It was one mind f- of a ride. And what a ride it was. I have never been so hot and bothered. At the same time, I even teared up! I loved these men.


Some people craved sugar. I craved doling out pain.

“Whatever you’re willing to give me, Zeke.”
“No matter how filthy? How disgusting? Because, little boy, my mind knows no bounds. My fantasies scare the devil himself.”

“Does he enjoy that? Gagging you?”
Case waved her off. “A masochist never tells.”

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