from complete beginner to independent rider

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Publisher Description

" GUIDE TO KITEBOARDING: from complete beginner to independent rider" is more than just a book- it is the ultimate resource for anyone eager to embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of kiteboarding.

Written by Samina Laurinaityte, a senior BKSA kiteboarding instructor and founder of, this step-by-step guide takes you on a systematic progression from beginner to independent rider.

No more confusion when it comes to selecting the right equipment. Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed by wind forecasts and understanding the nuances of wind patterns. Bid farewell to the frustration of grappling with kite control and safety techniques. Samina understands the pain points and challenges beginner kiteboarders face and addresses these common hurdles head-on, providing clear explanations, practical tips, and troubleshooting advice to ensure a seamless learning experience.

With a focus on practicality and progression, this book is designed to follow the steps of your lessons and each chapter is carefully crafted to build upon the previous one, ensuring a solid foundation of knowledge and skills.

Book Overview:
Chapter 1 - Introduction to Kitesports
Discover what to expect from kiteboarding lessons and learn about the learning progression from a beginner to an intermediate rider. This chapter also addresses frequently asked questions that beginners often have before diving into the sport.

Chapter 2 - Equipment 101
Learn about different kite shapes, control bar terminology, twintip board features, harness types, wetsuits, and other essential accessories. This chapter provides you with the knowledge to understand the terminology and make informed gear choices.

Chapter 3 - Wind & Forecast
Develop the skills to read wind direction, identify wind features and local effects, determine wind strength, understand water movements and tides, and interpret wind forecasts. This chapter empowers you to make informed decisions based on wind conditions.

Chapter 4 - Kite Control & Safety
Dive into the aerodynamics of kites, explore the Wind Window, learn kite control terminology, discover the importance of the sweet spot, find safe kiteboarding locations, and understand essential safety procedures such as self-rescue and packdown.

Chapter 5 - Practice
Learn how to launch and land kites, perform body dragging exercises, execute board starts, improve upwind riding, and enhance overall control on and off the water. This chapter provides practical exercises and techniques to refine your skills.

Chapter 6 - Equipment 201
Discover what to consider when buying your first gear, explore suitable kites and boards for your progression, learn how to optimise kite performance, and gain insights into maintaining and caring for your equipment.

Chapter 7 - Independent Rider
Explore international hand signals, understand 'right of way' rules, practice kiteboarding etiquette, learn how to assist other riders, master self-launching and landing techniques, and gain confidence to ride independently. This chapter also includes a helpful checklist to assess your readiness for independent kiteboarding.

With " GUIDE TO KITEBOARDING" as your trusted companion, you'll gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to become an independent kiteboarder and embrace the joy that learning kiteboarding brings.

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