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I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with Ian. I just wasn’t. Allowing someone to get close to me was never an option. No one was supposed to get in… But he was perfectly imperfect, as if he was made just for me. He broke down my walls and made me cross boundaries I never thought I would. But Ian doesn’t know the walls I had up weren’t to protect me.


I thought I was done with love, until I met Megan. From the moment I saw her I knew she was the one. Her past was difficult, and it forced her to construct walls of steel to keep everyone at a distance. I wanted to be the one to save her. I wanted to be the Prince Charming she didn’t think existed. Except the more I find out, I’m not sure if the girl I’ve fallen in love with has those walls up for her…or for me.

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January 5
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Portia Moore

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Sdot8888 ,

Point of view switch

I absolutely love this series but this book disappointed me. I think mostly because the last book left me on a cliffhanger that I thought this book would finish and it didn’t. This is the same book as the first one just from Alana and Kam’s point of view. While it’s great to hear these thoughts a lot of the book is word for word the same. Alana was also in the first book so it’s really repetitive. There were some really good parts to this book don’t get me wrong but I really wished it was a continuation from the last book.

I_💜_Books ,


This book is like a combination of the first and second books. Only with added bonus scenes, I literally skipped over some of the reading because I knew the scenes. I’m a bit disappointed as I was really hoping it’d pick up from the cliffhanger in the previous book. The additional information was okay but it’s something that could’ve been intertwined while continuing the story. A whole book dedicated to bonus information was not necessary. So, I’d say you could probably skip this book and wait for the next. Which I sincerely hope picks up from the cliffhanger.

Cool_koella0000 ,


i loved the if i break series and i was excited to read the spinoff. the first and second books were just as good as i expected. this book was very good as well but i wish that it was more of a continuation from book two but with that said i loved reading kam’s chapters a lot. i definitely recommend reading the if i break series and the her series and i excited for the next book!!

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