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A Family’s True Story of Loss and Renewal

One of the most moving, beautiful stories I have read. Then An Angel Came is a true story about a family. It is about a family who tries to keep itself together when a death in the family strikes. Teri, Carol's (the author's) daughter, loses her infant son, Gregory, to SIDS -- Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Carol then introduces her daughter, Teri, who is a skeptic, to the spiritual side of things and meditates with her. Through these meditation sessions, a guardian angel makes herself known.” - Diane Trautweiler

Faith is something most people want but few of us want tested. In this moving story of personal loss, renewal, and faith, we see how one woman and her family find a very personal faith, yet one that can bring hope to others. This is the story of a child's death but it is also the story of life, of grief and of moving beyond grief. Carol Gino has an unconventional gift for faith and she shares it generously.” - Georgia Jones

Satisfying on every level.. Like Carol Gino, I am the grandmother of a baby boy who died from SIDS. She not only captures every detail of the pain suffered by various members of a family that goes through such an experience but, better yet, shows how even this most tragic of events can have some positive outcomes in the lives of the survivors. Given the fact that Ms. Gino is a bestselling author, it is no surprise that the book reads like a novel. It will grab and hold your interest.” - Customer Review

It happened in a single moment. Their lives were changed. Their souls shaken. And then, when they were most vulnerable, their hearts opened to the miraculous….

- SIDS -

Their hour of darkness…

became a journey into the Light.

They were a three-generation Italian American family steeped in traditional values. Carol Gino’s old world father was a stern disciplinarian who loved opera and polkas; her mother a shy, tradition-bound housewife, while Carol herself had made a spiritual journey away from her Catholic roots. But nothing in the Gino family’s past could ever have prepared them for the tragedy that would change all their lives forever.

For Carol it began with a phone call in the middle of the night; a call that brought unbearable news. Her grandchild, her daughter’s infant son, had died in his own crib of SIDS. Within hours, Carol was on a plane from California, returning home to the family who needed her more than ever.

After the initial shock, the members of Carol’s family each coped with the death in their own way. Carol’s father in stony silence, Teri’s husband with silent Gregory tears, Carol’s bereaved daughter, Teri, in rages against God. The baby’s sister, Jessie, with the innocence of a child. Then, as the family grappled with the loss, the inexplicable heartbreak of SIDS, and the need to go on with their lives, a new voice began to speak among them. It was a voice that offered answers and more questions, comfort and more challenges. It was the voice of an angel.

In this unforgettable true story, Carol chronicles the miraculous appearance of an angel named Janith who came to speak through Carol’s daughter. Meeting resistance and skepticism first, Janith slowly began to win over the grieving family as she showed them all a reality they had never before perceived, an interconnectedness that would explain the inexplicable and show a way into the future. In a remarkable series of sessions, Janith leads a shattered family through more pain and loss to the ultimate revelation and a truly miraculous rebirth.

A book that explores some of the most profound questions about our lives, Then An Angel Came is a book of miracles rooted in the everyday reality of all our lives, a book of extraordinary, uplifting hope for all those whose hearts are open to miracles.

December 13
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