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Roger King and Russell Queen died under mysterious circumstances during a bitter labor dispute between the labor union and the railroad companys scab workers. The King and Queen families each believed that their loved one had been murdered by the other. For that reason, the surviving Kings and Queens vowed to maintain the strikes de facto feud in their Railroad Street neighborhood.
Both Ben Knight and wife Clara lost their health while Vince, the youngest of their ten children was still in diapers. As a consequence the frail sickly child was being raised by siblings. Vinces preteen years were spent in an isolated area of Eastern North Carolina. There, according to Ben, his youngest son had been spoiled, pampered and doted upon almost to the point of ruination. Increasing medical bills and the prospect of better paying jobs caused the family of Knights to move to a tough inner city neighborhood during the winter of 1940. Ben Knight believed that Railroad Streets toughness was exactly what his youngest son needed to shape him into a a real man. Ben rightly predicted that book worms and sissy pants would be hard to find in a tough neighborhood like Railroad Street. That prediction turned out to be correct.
To Ben Knights horror, however, mothers from both sides of the Royal Feud fell in love with his son because he possessed those exact didactic characteristics. Historians claim that during World War II, America became more united than at any other time; before or since. It turned out that a mere mortal held a secret that could turn Railroad Street into an analogous part of Americas most memorable era. However, only divine intervention was going to convince Ben Knight that his son had become the tenth star in his heavenly crown.

Mysteries & Thrillers
August 30

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