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Believe in Yourself and Your Dream Will Find You!

Every child is born with unique gifts and strengths, and as they grow, those begin to influence their interests and hobbies. As adults, we can sometimes see these gifts and tell our kids what they could or should be when they grow up. The problem is, kids can internalize our ideas for them as something they should want too.

In There's No Dream Too Tall, Amie Dean offers a different approach allowing kids the freedom to decide for themselves. Whether they want to be a teacher, a chef, a firefighter, a homemaker, or an architect, kids can look at their unique strengths and gifts and find their own way towards a future they will love.

The world is wide open; there's no dream too tall.

For a boy or a girl, whether big or quite small!

There are millions of choices no end to the list.

So, look deep in yourself and consider your gifts.

By showing kids that their different strengths can help them become who they want to be, we give them the power and permission to dream. And when we do that, they will believe that no matter how tall their dreams may be, they have what it takes to reach them!


Amie Dean's personal mantra is: Teach Hard. Love Harder.

She has supported students with academic, behavioral, and emotional challenges for over 25 years as a teacher, behavior interventionist, and consultant. Amie's mission has always been to help children recognize their gifts, know their worth, and find their passion. She knows that children often need a champion to help with those endeavors. Amie has found great joy in helping educators all over the country become true champions for their students.

Sian James is a Hong Kong-born freelance illustrator based in Oxford, UK. An early medieval archaeologist by training, her art draws inspiration from history, folklore, nature, and childhood. She is passionate about creating children's book illustrations and exploring how color, lighting, and composition can be used not only to tell stories, but also spark the viewer's imagination.


This is the perfect gift for a special occasion like a graduation or birthday...or any day! A positively positive, sweet, joyful empowering tale for children of all ages. Encouraging children to dream their dreams into reality. I purchased this for my grandchildren, and now it is my 'go to' for anytime I want a child to remember that each one of them is a special person, and all dreams can come true.

Maria L. Purwin

This book is for any child to motivate him or her for great careers in their future. It is beautifully illustrated and the rhyming cadence ads whimsy to this charming tale of inspiration. The career possibilities go beyond the typical teacher, nurse, lawyer, or architect to include such professions as truck driver, firefighter, builder, or landscaper. The much overlooked career tract for trade school is also shared. This book encourages children to use their gifts and share them to help them decide where their paths will take them. "You don't quit, and you're bossy. Don't argue," they say. But maybe you'll make a great lawyer some day!" Some lessons are specifically spelled out in verse, but others are implied in the illustrations of a child helping someone who is hurt or tutoring other students. The crowning glory to this book is the dedication page at the end. You can write a wonderful, personal message to the recipient following the statement "I Believe in You..." A wonderful book for children and adults alike.


When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did you follow your own path, or one that was chosen for you? Amie Dean's latest book, There's No Dream Too Tall encourages children to dream big, identify their gifts, and choose their own path for the future.⁣ I love that this book not only explores a wide variety of dreams kids may have, but it also encourages kids to follow their own path rather than the one someone else has chosen for them. Amie Dean has done a wonderful job of explaining that each child has their own unique gifts that deserve to be explored and cultivated. This book has an important message that can be shared in both the classroom and at home.

Storie Belden

May 7
National Center for Youth Issues
National Center for Youth Issues

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