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Thermophobia means “fear of warmth.”

Did you know that Global Warming made civilization possible 12,000 years ago? What were the benefits back then? What changed?

We live in an Ice Age and governments want to cool down the planet. That could trigger the next glacial period, and Ice Age glacials are brutal. They make the 1998 Great Ice Storm, and 1816 Year Without a Summer, look like picnics.

People care about the environment. That’s a good thing. But someone is lying about what is happening.

Strong tornadoes are on a 60-year downtrend (NOAA), and hurricanes and typhoons are on a similar downtrend (Dr. Ryan Maue), yet the corporate news media tells us we’re having more and stronger storms. It’s easy to understand how wrong are the “climate change” claims. Ask yourself: How does wind ever blow? What gives storms their energy? The answer is: “temperature differences” or “thermal gradients.” When you melt all the ice at the poles, the thermal gradient becomes very weak, and the storms along with it. When you cool down the planet, polar cold moves closer to equatorial heat, and storms receive a major boost in energy. So, it’s not heat that give storms their energy. Venus has plenty of heat, and very little surface wind, because the temperature is almost the same everywhere.

The Warming Alarmists claim that Global Warming will give us more deserts and droughts. This is also completely wrong. We may still have deserts and droughts, but they will be far smaller in size and frequency. Ask yourself: How does land ever get water? Rain, of course, but rain comes from clouds, clouds come from water vapor, water vapor comes from evaporation, and evaporation only happens from warmth. Cold oceans yield very little water vapor. And that’s why civilization could not start until the massive Global Warming 12,000 years ago.

Life prefers the warmth. We need only look at the population gradient from poles to equator to see life telling us this loud and clear.

This book tackles the lies, half-truths and misconceptions about climate with facts and a deep understanding of science. It backs up its assertions with decades of scientific evidence. It delves into the corruption of language and how terms like “climate change” and “Global Warming” have been kidnapped and forced to wear false definitions.

Perhaps the most pernicious side of the thermophobia epidemic is its starting point -- the claim that warmth is bad. Ironically, most people seem to be in denial of the fact that we currently live in an Ice Age interglacial called the Holocene. Renaming the current period something like “anthropocene” doesn’t magically make those 2 little white things at the poles disappear. Cold can be deadly, and thermophobia can lead people away from proper solutions and preparation, right into the jaws of Frozen Climate death.

It should be obvious that all changes come with some difficulty. That’s a part of life. But fearing Global Warming is like a hungry man fearing food. That’s part of the insanity of this disease. Political bodies like the UN and NASA have gone over to the dark side, promoting death and destruction, lying about science in order to achieve their political agendas. What kind of lies? The biggest is thermophobia itself.

Other lies include,
- CO2 is a pollutant (it’s not and never has been);
- Warming causes more and stronger storms (wind does not come from heat alone; Venus has frightening heat, but very little surface wind);
- Warming causes droughts (land never gets any water without warmth; if you want more droughts, try global cooling);
- Oceans are soaking up CO2 and becoming more acidic (oceans are emitting CO2 from the warmth and they are actually alkaline); and
- Recent years have been the warmest on record (NASA scientists admitted that they were only 38% certain of this claim in January 2015).

Thermophobia means “fear of warmth.” It’s an unnatural, unrealistic fear. The cure is here.

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August 26
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