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In a future starscape where the children of man have succumbed to humanity's long-forgotten vices, THETA is a story of a dark, twisting dance of intrigue, love and loss among the stars. 

Stuck in a dramatic struggle between death and life, a young dancer must choose between his enigmatic past and an uncertain future. Unable to let go of what he was, unable to face what he is, beset on all sides by forces he doesn't understand, he's on a collision course with destiny...and his time is running out.

For Jale Bercammon, on the other hand, life is comfortable, stable, and slipping on by. Every day is routine, and she’s become an expert at maintaining routine.

... And then she crosses paths with Theta. Reeled in by the enigmatic and sinister Knoskali to explain his disappearance, she soon finds herself stumbling along a dangerous path that will take all of her resolve and ingenuity to survive.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 14
Snowfox Press
Snowfox Press

Customer Reviews

mts2148 ,

Well-told, detailed scifi mystery you can't put down

I most certainly enjoyed Sasya Fox's Theta; it is easily the best anthropomorphic science fiction I have come across thus far, and I relished the complexity of the intrigue and the setting. Both the characters and the plot are compelling, and Sasya brings an amazing level of authenticity to the tactics and fleet actions described over the course of the novel, one that can only have been born to someone who knows much and researches more about this subject matter. Sasya Fox's characterization and dramatization are a great deal more than adequate for the storytelling to feel muscular, cogent, and well-paced. Truly, Sasya has a gift for simile and metaphor that is rare in this genre, and I found myself highligting more than one well-turned phrase as I advanced through the fascinating plot. Any fan of space opera or intrigue is sure to enjoy Theta, and, despite the plot's complexity, the novel remains quite accessible. Highly recommended.

AnotherNickForBill ,

a solid tale of piracy, politics, love and evolution

Sasya Fox has put together a marvelously creative tale here that I enjoyed reading quite a bit. It has a couple of uneven points, but more than makes up for those in sheer imagination and more than a bit of wit and charm. The novel could easily have been twice its length and still would have been as good, though its clear in the writing (and in the excerpt past the epilogue) that the sequel will continue the story.

Worth downloading.