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MY FIRST G******G (A Hot Wife Share First G******g Erotica Story)

Well, I’d done it. I’d backed myself into a corner in a playful argument with my husband about whether or not women took stupid dares, and before I knew it, he’d tricked me into a catch 22. Either I admitted he was right or I slept with three of his friends at once! Ugh! Who wakes up thinking she’s going to be gang banged by a group of her husband’s friends? What kind of a wife wants that? On the other hand, there was no way I was going to admit he was right, and no amount of rough sex, first anal sex, or double penetration was going to change that!

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Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity including rough first anal sex, reluctant first anal sex, rough sex, double team sex, rough group sex, rough deep throat, reluctant ass to mouth, double penetration, group first anal sex, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.

Here are the rest of the stories!

2. HON, ME AND THE GUYS LOVE YOUR SHEER BIKINI (A Hot Wife Anal G******g Erotica Story)

Cindy and Trey rent some of the rooms at their beach house out to three college students. When they decide to spend some vacation time there, she’s amazed at how polite and courteous they are. When this beautiful MILF hears them tell her they thought she was a hot trophy wife, she’s downright flattered! Later, when the opportunity arises, she’s more than happy to hear Trey tell the attractive boys, “Go ahead and f**k my hot wife.” The incredible g******g sex that follows is red hot. This wife share sex includes deep throat, double team sex, and double penetration. It’s an all-out anal g******g extravaganza!

3. MY HUSBAND SHARED MY HOT ASS WITH HIS FRIENDS (A Hot Wife Share Anal Sex G******g Erotica Story)

Usually, Friday nights are times for the boys to have guy fun and for the girls to have girl fun separately. This Friday night, though, Brandon and Victor have a surprise for their wives. They’ve invited a few of their friends over, and before the girls even have a chance to finish getting ready for their girl’s night out, each will be bent over the bed by a husband and a stranger! That’s not all. Each of these hot wives is going to have a first anal sex experience…with her husband and his friends!

4. THIS BRIDE DOESN’T BLUSH (A Wedding Sex First G******g erotica story)

Monique just got married, and everyone knows the bride is a slut. Her groom hopes that his new hot wife will stop being a slutty wife now that they are married. Her best friend and maid of honor, Alice also wants her friend to stop being a slut. Those hopes are dashed when she sees her friend begin a striptease for the groomsmen—at the wedding reception! The striptease is only the beginning, too, and all three groomsmen want a chance to feel her mouth and tongue work wonders. Looks like the groom will get to see his new hot wife get gangbanged by the groomsmen. But he is not upset for long as the maid of honor has him in her mouth.

5. TIE UP THE MYSTERY GIRL (A Rough Cosplay G******g Story)

Myra is enjoying the convention, especially after dressing up like the Saturday morning cartoon character Thelma for the popular kids mystery show with the dog. She’s even having fun flirting with the group of nerds playing video games, but she never expected she’d suddenly be tied down in plain view and gangbanged! Who would have thought the guys had it in them? Who would have thought she’d end up with all of them in her?

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March 20
Naughty Daydreams Press
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