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Simply put, this is the market's first book for doing business in Brazil.

THEY DON'T SPEAK SPANISH combines the personal and professional experiences of an American expatriate and a Brazilian native, both successful executives at major multinationals. After twenty years of answering Brazil–related business and legal questions for their colleagues, Joe and Cláudia Low wrote a book that provides the fundamental information foreigners need, from everyday living and relevant culture to business management and tax strategies. The authors use personal experiences and hard data to translate cultural characteristics, management tactics, and law to avoid common pitfalls and achieve business success. 

THEY DON'T SPEAK SPANISH is divided into two parts. The first half focuses on the general business environment at the micro and macro levels: market trends, management caveats, personal safety, corruption and bureaucracy, demographics, and more. The key message is Brazil is not a "copy-paste" market. The authors demonstrate that the country requires a wholly different approach than what business executives use elsewhere in Latin America or other developing economies.

The second half presents the tax and legal basics professionals need to understand. The section begins with an introduction to taxation and recent developments, then goes through a series of explanations and examples of relevant legal issues: legal forms of incorporation, gross revenue taxes and tax structures, value-added taxes, employment law, service taxes, capital transactions, and personal income, among other issues. The appendix includes the only known state-by-state guide to available lucrative governmental economic incentives.

The market needs a practical guide for doing business in the world's fifth largest economy, and the need grows with the approach of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics hosted in Brazil. This book supplies the demand: thirty-plus CEOs and other professionals have endorsed it as the bible for doing business in Brazil.

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April 25
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