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Publisher Description

THIEVES of EDEN is a quantum thriller to SAVE REALITY from ENEMIES of LIFE. 


Awareness becomes action that unites people and purpose as four characters meet and discover they are in a game – THE GAME – for the very life of our planet. 

Their opponents, with a 6,000 year advantage, are about to make their game-winning move that ends life on Earth. Tightening a reality-distorting stranglehold just beyond human awareness, these “Enemies of Life” have successfully distracted humans from even recognizing we are in THE GAME.  

Desperate to quickly unmask and stop this devilish foe from triggering Earth's end with a final environmental death clench, characters of the four races must cooperate to find and combine rare knowledge closely guarded by elders in each of their sacred traditions.


To thwart energy bandits from stealing Earth’s most precious treasure, they must connect ancient wisdom puzzles with cutting-edge science to produce an unusual energy device, that can possible win THE GAME. 

However, a secret energy, the ancient source of unexplained ‘miracles’ hidden to all but an elite few throughout history, is about to be revealed. Pre-dating science and physics, this mysterious energy can change matter, direct events and grow reality. 

Thieves of Eden is also an adventurous love story about the heart's secret energy function. While its unique power to love, uplift and nourish has been forever exalted, true knowledge of the heart’s real power remains prisoner to mere emotion. 

Who blocked this knowledge and why? 


Jeff is a tall blond, former college athlete who is now a Wall Street investor. His mentor is Moshe, a wise, elderly Jewish man whose Judeo-Christian, finance & scientific knowledge is phenomenal. 

Raven Heart is a Native American and the son of a powerful modern day Medicine Man in the Four Corners area of Colorado. Their reservation is near a sacred mountain within which strange noises rumble. 

Marilee is a single Asian American mom enrolled at an unusual MBA school on an island in the Puget Sound near Seattle. There she learns the emerging business model of the future: the "triple bottom line". Her grand uncle is a Chinese Taoist Monk. His son Charlie, Marilee's favorite uncle, is a Chinese Qigong Master, an energy master, with a genius for electrical engineering. 

Sari is a beautiful African-American artist who meets her true soul sister, Thembe, an African priestess and lively leader of a touring West African dance & drum ensemble. 

The Villan 

Pablo Duvale is the ruthless head of a vast business empire spanning arms manufacture, energy, mining, communication technologies, pharmaceuticals and media. Heir to a financial fortune stolen through his ancestry of Spanish Conquistadores, Duvale is a darkly handsome, suave, powerfully charming and impeccably dressed executive villain. 

Jefferson Blake finds himself at age 34 drawn into a mission of personal maturing more important than he can imagine when he discovers the devilishly catastrophic thread woven cleverly throughout human affairs. Across religion to rhythm, finance to physics and health to eco-wealth, a subtle string of stealth just beyond human recognition has been carefully sewn to form a reality-distorting stranglehold, poised to extinguish life.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 19
Robert Simon Siegel
Robert Siegel