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Ready for a change in your weight, and your ability to lose weight? If so, “Thin Becomes You” will not only show you the way, but will get you there.

 How does the mere reading of the quotes in this book actually help you control your eating with enthusiasm and ultimately move you to weight loss?

 Constructed with a unique psychological approach called neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), these quotes will “trick your mind,” so to speak, to help you change the habitual ways you think and behave.

 For example, the quote, “Ignoring the fact that you carry too much weight doesn’t change the ‘fat,’” may confuse you when you read it initially.

 You expected the quote to finish with the word “fact.” When it ended with “fat,” your mind did a double take. That unexpected word makes you stop and think. 

   Words with opposite meanings appear in many of the quotes. For example,“Every half-pound you lose becomes a gain” pulls a switch on the brain because you generally don’t expect to jump from the word “lose” to “gain.” The quote, “Each time you pile it on, you dig yourself a deeper hole,” also tricks the brain because you didn’t expect a switch in the same sentence. You must think harder about what you have read because the sentence doesn’t follow a familiar pattern, which allows the quote to have a greater impact on you.

    I wrote many of the quotes in E-Prime (the language of neuro-linguistic programming), which refers to the English language minus the verb “to be” and all its various forms. This way of communicating removes generalizations and eliminates distorted, all-or-nothing thinking.

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July 17
Doris Wild Helmering
Doris Wild Helmering

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