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Creating an app, site or any product that succeeds — or sells — is most definitely a tall order. Designing anything for people is tough, because we’re inherently complex and...well...messy. Which means that things like market share and ROI don’t come easy. But time and effort spent finding the right problems to solve allows designers, developers and product teams to take quantum leaps forward in exceeding the expectations of everyone involved. In Think First, Joe Natoli shows you exactly how to do this, using lessons learned from his 26 years as a UX consultant to Fortune 100 and 500 organizations. You’ll find proven principles, step-by-step methods and straightforward, jargon-free advice that can be applied to any kind of digital product. Think First proves that while people are indeed messy and complex, designing for them doesn’t have to be. Here’s what a few well-respected UX practitioners and authors had to say about Think First: “A very practical guide to success in business.” – Dr. Don Norman, Director of the DesignLab, UC San Diego and Author of The Design of Everyday Things “Think First is a practical guide to UX that makes sense of strategy and structure. Highly recommended!” – Peter Morville, Bestselling Author of Intertwingled “For designers and developers, understanding strategy and UX is an increasingly necessary skill. Joe Natoli’s Think First demystifies these foundational ideas in a very conversational, easy to read style.” – Ilise Benun, Founder of Marketing-Mentor.com and Author of 7+ Books Think First serves as a roadmap to building a solid foundation for UX that’s strong enough to withstand any weather as projects move into design and coding.

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October 5
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Customer Reviews

Sankerbrand ,

UX is more than design - it's strategy

Think First is a must read for anyone on a project team as well as any stakeholder (including VPs, CEOs, etc)! That's because, as Joe states in Think First, UX is everyone's business. This book does a great job of explaining why that is. If you're having trouble getting the higher execs, BAs, PMS, or anyone on board the UX train, they MUST read this book.

Joe explains that you must start with a strategy - a good understanding of what users expect to accomplish with what you're building and what you want to accomplish with it. That's the foundation of your project and that foundation will inform every decision that is made from that point on. Without that solid foundation, you're building a house on sand. You must "think first" and know the answer to "why are we doing this."

gvongfak ,

A must read for those that care about UX!

Being in the creative industry for over ten years, Joe Natoli’s “Think First” has given me a new way of looking at how to solve problems. Regardless of your discipline or role within the industry, interactive or print, the book explains why UX is important throughout your entire process. We’ve all heard it before, “If you fail to plan, plan to fail.” This book provides information so that your projects don’t fail.

I recommend this book as a must read to all of my colleagues. If you want a no-nonsense way of deciphering UX, “Think First” is it.

cod3ghoul ,

Think First is a Phenomenal Resource!!

Think First is a Phenomenal Resource for Any UX Designer!!!!!!

As someone fairly new to the world of user experience design, I found Joe's book to be extremely valuable. As a web and software developer, I am not only interested in trying to produce quality products, but also in trying to design products that deliver great user experiences. I want users of the applications I create to not only be able to get a particular task or end-goal accomplished in the most efficient way possible, but I also want them to actually enjoy using the application because of the way it's designed. Even if it's an application they only use at work!!

Joe provided the insights I was looking for and delivered them fantastically on every page of his book. The entire time I was reading Think First, I was consistently hooked on the ideas and examples he gave that always had me saying to myself, “Oh Yeah!, that makes total sense!!”

Think First is a GREAT book for someone brand new to the world of user experience design, but it's also GREAT for even seasoned UX Designers who are looking to amp up their game. The title is perfect because it drives home the overall goal EVERY person involved with ANY part of a product or service's development should have...and that is to Think First BEFORE you even move to planning, writing, budgeting, prototyping, coding, etc.!! And if you read this book, Joe will show you how!!!!!