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As a former stripper, Erika Lyremark has seen it all: disrespectful club managers, cutthroat dancers, and a never-ending supply of sleazeballs. Not to mention thousands of hours in six-inch stilettos.

Nine years in the industry left her with no desire to ever return; but her experiences there-more than either of the college degrees her stripping career paid for-proved to be her real education. By the time she walked away from the pole, she was more prepared for success than she could have ever imagined. Beneath the stigma of this enigmatic industry, Erika uncovered the secrets of success:

Remove the safety net and embrace risk--victory will be yours.

Ask for the dance, and an influx of new business will follow.

Say yes to yourself, and you'll inspire those around you to help your business grow.

Think Like A Stripper is an insider's pass into an infamous industry you'll probably never be part of-but could stand to learn a lot from. Whether your goal is to build your business, increase your sales, or carry out your Red Carpet Dreams, Erika delivers the lessons you need to thrive as an entrepreneur, and the advice you'd never (ever, ever) learn in business school.

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May 28
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Yoga/Fitness Coach ,

Loved it!

A very fun, inspiring and fast read for business entrepreneurs wanting their own red carpet dream to come true. At the same time, I was fascinated by Erika's past life as a stripper to pay her way through college. Loved how Erika related her lessons learned as a stripper and the business sense (do's /don'ts) advice for the red carpet dreamer. Thank you Erika!