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No matter how deep the darkness man creates, the soul will always search for the light of a promised tomorrow.

The days that followed the machine awakening were unlike what anyone had anticipated, and took humanity to the brink of extinction as Man and Machine embattle to gain control of their respective destinies. The Earth was devastated. But at great cost we…‘won’. Delivered by the operations that brought the AI into existence, the African continent was shielded at the time of the Great War. This refuge of humankind became the last foothold of civilization and the last chance for our future.

One hundred years after the Great War, with the rapidly vanishing resources on Earth, scientists and the government of the United African Nations embark on a bold new plan for a select few to leave their dying ancestral planet and find the resources to build a new future.

Col. Adamini, commander of the Yamakara and its crew are tasked to explore and to make a new home for humankind. Millions of kilometers from Earth and faced with growing corruption within the space agency that could lead to the downfall of them all, Adamini must decide where his loyalties lie. Unknown to them, they may be Earth's last hope when forces threaten the total annihilation of the human species once again.

A surprising twist of fate lead them to an unlikely ally that will be required for their survival. Everything Col. Adamini has known to be true and just will be tested; placing humankind on an uncertain path into the future shadowed by those who came before.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 11
Terry R. Hill
Draft2Digital, LLC

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