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“I highly recommend this series!” Ian Rankin

‘I was running when I saw my father kill himself. Not that he jumped off a tall building or stepped in front of a truck, but—professionally, personally—what I watched him do was suicide.’

Now settled in New York City and working for an exclusive close-protection agency, ex-Special Forces soldier turned bodyguard Charlie Fox is shocked to see an interview with her father on the morning TV news. A prominent UK orthopaedic surgeon, he is under investigation after the death of a patient.

Despite the rift between Charlie and her parents, she can’t stand by and allow him to become a scapegoat, however much he tries to reject her offers of help.

Joined by her fellow bodyguard and lover, Sean Meyer, she encounters some of the most ruthless criminals of her career as she seeks to exonerate her father.

She may have felt like killing him on numerous occasions in the past. But she’ll be damned if she’ll let somebody else do the job.

If you like Lee Child but have been looking for strong yet believable female protagonists, who will take down the bad guys without hesitation but who are still human enough to care, then bodyguard Charlie Fox is definitely for you. Readers have found books in this series action-packed thrill rides that kept them glued to the end, well-written, gritty, and hard to put down. A real page-turner.

Author’s Note:
This is Book #7 in the Charlie Fox series. Although I’ve tried hard to make each of the stories stand alone, inevitably Charlie’s history builds up over the course of the novels. If you are new to the series and want to know the full story of Charlie—how she began working with Sean Meyer after their time in the Army—then start at the beginning. If you’re more interested in Charlie’s career as a close-protection operative, then I’d recommend you begin with Book #4, FIRST DROP, when she and her teenage charge find themselves on the run during her first bodyguard job in Florida.

*“If Jack Reacher were a woman, he’d be Charlie Fox.” Lee Child
*“Captures readers on the first page and doesn’t let go. Highly recommended.” Library Journal (starred review)
*“Breathlessly compelling and utterly real, this novel will keep you turning the pages ’til dawn. Charlie Fox is simply the best.” Jeffery Deaver
*“Male and female crime fiction readers alike will find Sharp’s writing style addictively readable—one of the very best crime fiction sagas out there.” Paul Goat Allen, Chicago Tribune
*“If you haven’t read Zoe Sharp’s books before, do yourself a favour and start now.” James Oswald
*“Readers will kill for the next instalment.” Publishers Weekly

*“The BEST in the series so far and I have decided I may as well make this a marathon and go for the fourth book in as many days. I can honestly say that if you haven’t read Zoe Sharp’s Charlie Fox series you are seriously missing out!!! AN absolute AMAZING read which I highly recommend!”
*“I work in a library and often am asked what I can recommend—not one person has been disappointed with Zoe Sharp's books…”
*“The plotting runs seamlessly from the thriller element to the emotional, intertwining both with ease… Another excellent read.”
*“One of my favourite entries in what is a brilliant series.”
*“Really enjoyed this book, got to the point I couldn't put to down.”
*“Great read. Action packed and intense. Charlie Fox is a great character and Zoe Sharp has done an amazing job developing her.”
*“I am totalling addicted.”

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December 8
Zoe Sharp
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